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Paia 9700 mods, pot replacements
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Author Paia 9700 mods, pot replacements
ok so i got a 9700 a while back and mostly i really like it. the gritty sound etc, it's great.

however it could definitely be improved-
for the 9720 dual vco, i wish the pitch knobs would go up higher, and maybe that vco A could go slower when in lfo mode

for the 9730 dual filter, the filter range is also pretty bad, again only being able to get a fuller range with vc and not with the knobs. i also think the resonance control might have poor scaling where it seemed like resonance comes in too early on the knob, but i cant remember for sure, been a while since i used it.

for the 9710 vca, oh man, i really like the ADSR part, but the scaling on every control is just wacked. especially decay and release. the faster values should cover more of the range of the knobs. instead, if you're trying to get a plucky decay, you have to try to barely adjust, and at a point it jumps from really fast to really long which is jarring. i'd love to be able to fine tune better, in the fast decay range. same with release, and i think attack and even the sustain level controls have this problem.

i imagine everyone who's used one of these things is aware of this stuff, so i'm wondering if anyone has replaced those pots, what values could give me better scaling and ranges, and if there are any good resources for mods on these things in general. and yes i've looked but i couldn't find much at the paia forums on this, and a couple websites with info about it seem to have been taken down...

In addition to this Muffwiggler forum, I suggest putting this exact post on the PAIA Talk forum under PAIA "Jabber." PAIA Scott is very helpful and usually quick to reply and may have suggestions for adjustments or modifications.
ok thanks, probably should have thought of that myself!
I second Rob's suggestion. In fact there's a couple of mods for the VCF that extend the range of the filter's front knob somewhere here on Muff. I ran it by Scott and he thought it was fine.

Here's a link about taming the excessive Q:
just wondering, does anyone else feel the same way about the ADSR controls, or is it just me?
well, i posted over there. for some reason scott wants me to send the thing to them so they can check it out, which i do not understand at all, and can't say i would want to spend the time and money to deal with that. doesn't really seem to have anything to do with what i'm asking really.
I couldn't see anything in the banana thread, so I'll ask here. Has anyone built banana 9700 modules? Years before being able to get into modular I used to drool over the Paia catalog, but never took the plunge. I went for euro years later, but lately I've been looking for something else to change up my workflow a bit. I also find the Paia stuff has a really unique and raw sound and response that is really appealing to my ears right now, but I really want something with bananas. The panels look pretty tight, and I can't find any pictures to make it totally clear to me or not of the PCBs are being supported by panel mount pots or jacks. Anyone have any experience with this or tips?
The first gen PAiA modules are high density. The jacks and pots are panel mounted. The second gen modules aren't as dense but the pots and jacks are PCB mounted.

I hope that helps.
ok super. I was mostly interested in putting together the first gen rack that comes as a set, but it was hard to tell from photos if you could fit bananas in there. Also since the front panel is so dense, would it cover up the printing or not even fit in the front panel space? If anyone has measurements handy on that it would be super, although perhaps I could get them from Paia.
I did some eyeballing measurements with a ruler and it looks like the outside diameter of the jacks, with washer, is 5/16". You maybe have another 1/32" or 1/16" before you hit the lettering. More importantly, it looks like there's just a 1/16" gap between most of the jacks, top to bottom.

I'm not a banana guy so I don't know what you are working with size wise.
thanks for checking that. hmm, might not be workable. with the washers if you have .31, and looking at a spec sheet for a couple different brands it looks like they tend to be around .43 or .43 diameter. maybe I could find something narrower with digging but given the internal diameter needed it seems unlikely.

too bad since I could see the basic 9700 rack being really fun with bananas. I guess one could always do custom panels but it seems like such a waste getting kits then. Too bad they don't offer just PCBs. I guess I could always go with the tip top cables.
They do offer just the PCB with components. The panels and jacks are separate. If the pots are part of the panel I would suggest going with smaller ALPS brand pots.

There are some normaled connections so I don't know if banana jacks will interfere with the operation or not.

What's the purpose/advantage of using banana jacks? I get that they are stackable and you don't need to use splitters but what are you going for here?
Ah didn't notice that- super!

My larger euro system isn't banana at all but I was using a Serge system and a Bug Brand quite a bit lately and really liked it. I use splitter cables so I don't really even have to mess with mults on my euro, but there is something about the bananas that changes the workflow and I found it a bit more enjoyable. The ergonomics of more standardized frac layouts or 300 series Wiard or even just how much more spacious Serge systems tend to be over cramped euro panels is something I am coming to value more and more. The way things seem to want to connect or be used by their layout over time really start to influence your way of thinking. I've just been feeling the need to shake that up a bit.
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