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Recommend a noise generator?
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Author Recommend a noise generator?
So I have some veeery basic modular blocks in place and feel that a noise generator is due soon. I turn to the experts: I need something with extremely variable noise patterns. I want control over the rate of variation, the intensity, and perhaps some pseuo-noise is what I really am drawn to. Hopelessly complex noise when at speed, tweakable down to rhythmic oddity when the rate is dialed way down. I'm 5U right now, but seeing a Euro box as inevitable, so, open to suggestions. Thanks! SlayerBadger!
I had great results cross modulating a pair of VCLFOs with a slew limiter between them. Also have a look at the Doepfer A-196 PLL.
Incredible. THe Doepfer description for the PLL totally confuzzled me (and I'm always so proud when I understand the esoteric explanations!), but thank Bob for Youtube. Wow. That thing is pretty awesome. Now I guess I really need to build that Euro rack. I like your first idea too though. Your ideas are buttery.

*edit: AHAHAHA I should have known that was YOU. Excellent work, man, now sell me that album, fool! =9~

or DIY..
I have the Modcan07B. It has white and pink noise, and positive and bi-poloar outs. Rate of variation is controled with the noise level pots. Also includes a S&H for controlling the noise rate. A great module! I really like feeding noise into a quantizer to get interesting 1V/Oct patterns for my VCOs.

always useful one pole VC - LP and HP filters

and the IR out for some random chaos type patches
euro or frac you could get a "noisering".

sounds to me like digital noise is what you want. the noise ring is a "shift register", works a bit like an 8bit D/A or A/D converter. However in this instance it's a sound generator or CV source.

there is analog noise generator in the circuit, available as a dedicated output, but also a master clock oscillator that you can use for other stuff too. mainly though it's all about the shift register's two psuedo random outs. every function can be CV'd and you can send external audio right into the shift register to be crunched.
Mood Organ
try a radio
i vote noisering as it has noise options plus MANY others. that being said, i love my cgs digi noise for straight digital noise and random gates. it may help to narrow down exactly what you are looking for. radio and external input module like a119 or oakley efg (if the radio isn't up to modular level) are amazing too!

after rereading your post, i second my noisering vote. can i do that? yeah you need a noisering to do all that you want with control and options. digi noise will leave you lacking in some applications. the beauty of the noisering is that it can come in and out of being random in addition to having a simultaneous dedicated white noise out. plus it has its own clock with tons of control and variation/interactivity!
wow, thanks for all the suggestions. I'm actually looking to avoid digital noise for now, as I have some stompboxes that do that fairly well. The noisering sounds like a lot more than digital noise, though. Looks like my best options so far are in Euro, although I thought the MegaOhm Delta VCF's FM modulation looks pretty intense, not as complex rhythmically as the noisering, but a nice bit of seemingly (but very much not) random texture.

PS sorry to ppl who read my topic and thought I really wanted a noise generator... the more I think about it, while funds are very limited I'm really leaning towards nois-y textural stuff, not really pink/white noise just yet. Although I think it's really cool that some of these digital noise modules have rate controls. I wish any of my softsynths did that (without editing), wtf... time to go dick around in reaktor... :9
Graham Moore
Mood Organ wrote:
try a radio
You've gotten a lot of good and wildly different suggestions. I'll add one more because I think this one covers a lot of bases.
Blacet 2510 Improbability Drive (Frac)
Noise Ring. Everything you've described in your initial post is basically what the NR is.
I really like the MOTM-101, good quality and versitile. Worth considering at least! thumbs up

Wow, thanks for reviving the thread. :9 I'll have a lot of time to think this over in the coming months as due to upcoming purchases I'll likely be broke for awhile. Err, I mean, I am broke, and my [s]wife[/s] cats will kill me if I put any more on the charge card... ambulance

By "radio" do you guys mean use some AM noise as a modulation source? That sounds pretty fun. It's been a ridiculously long time since I've owned an AM radio, but I do recall that noise between stations being fairly rhythmic as you swoop from sound to sound...
Mood Organ
Yes, exactly... AM/FM/Shortwave all have their moments. The nice thing is that radios are dirt cheap.

The Noise Ring is a good suggestion, too.
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
I use my tyme safari as a noise gen.

I also am selling my zorlon cannon if you're interested!!! hmmm..... applause
dougcl wrote:
I had great results cross modulating a pair of VCLFOs with a slew limiter between them.

I got rid of my A118 and decided to not have a dedicated noise source, although digital noise like the A117 is tempting..

If I want noise I make it like the above quote, but using a couple cross-modulating oscillators... patching the pulse wave output from one vco into another's fm input and vice versa. However.. the result is a basic chaos patch and won't be as predictable as a dedicated noise module though it's arguably more fun.
I'm very tempted by the Zorlon Cannon. I was raised by an atari 2600, you know. However, I'm not gonna really get excited about that until I have a Euro case and stuff going, so don'get your hopes up...
Bugbrand Board Weevil. Anyone into noise needs at least one.
The Blacet Improbability Drive is by far my favorite noise generator (and I have several). It could be made into 5u with a new face plate and it can run off 5u power. Has both digital and analog noise and can be blended. I have two I love them so much. Great for noisy drones!

I also love the zorlon. I can't be without it. But, I use it very different from the ID.
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