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AS modules slightly offset?
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Author AS modules slightly offset?
I just got a couple Analogue Systems modules. Is it me or are their srewholes slightly offset from the rest of Eurorac? I have a little gap b/t them and my other modules, like they wanna be different or something.

I wish they made a 1/4 HP rack spacer. smile
Yes, there is a 1/2 hp gap between ASys and Doepfer due to the screw holes being offeset. They all line up nice with each other just not with anyone elses. Shawn at AH said they are getting gap fillers for this but I noticed that the gap is not wide enough to even screw anything between them so the filler has to be at least 1 hp minimum. If you use those to fill in you will lose 2 hp overall in your row rather than the overall 1 hp leaving the gaps.

Me, I have lots of Asys modules mixed in and I have drilled two of the 4 holes on each one a bit wider to line up with all others.

Yup, if the A.Sys hole were simply wider, then all would be well in modular land.
How annoying. I spent like 3 hours last night trying to figure out how to get as many modules into my cases as possible, I just bought this case and I'm out of space again. I thought for sure two suitcases would be enough. very frustrating

Ended up being forced to but the ASys modules right next to each other, even though I really didn't want to, but it's not too bad. Like a gap tooth in one of my suitcases. hihi
I just hogged mine out with a drill.
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