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Getting Grounded
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Author Getting Grounded
I'm seriously looking at adding a Serge
system to my setup. Which specific panels
are currently up in the air. I do know I
want the Variable Q + Wave Multiplier.

My current rig is a serious franken synth.

There's 9U of Euro, an FRXS, Ebbe und
Flut, 3 Foogers, Sherman FB, Silent Way
+ MOTU 828mkII, and a Metalbox 1/4-1/8th
1U rack.

All these offer CV sources and destinations.

Reading about Serge, I see I need to ground
the panel to the power supplies... but that
seems absurd and/or impossible due to the
number and the fact the some of these PS are

Is it a deal-breaker for this convoluted of a rig?
Pockets McCoy
It actually couldn't be simpler. Rex sends you a long black banana cable with a spade on one end; just screw that spade onto any other grounded surface in your system, plug the other end to the black banana jack on the back of the Serge PSU, and you're grounded. There's also the option of connecting a banana jack directly to the PSU ground of something else in your system and connecting to the Serge PSU from there. You only need one Serge-to-everything-else ground if all your other stuff is already grounded together.

If you're looking for strictly "voice" stuff with the Wave Multipliers and VCFQ, the Blue Voice is perfect, especially if you can spring for a CV1 or CV2 to accompany it. If not, the Animal's a good way to go, since if you're going Serge and have no Serge CV modules,'re just missing out in a huge way.

M-Class is wonderful too, but it's too open-ended for me to feel comfortable making any suggestions based on "wave multipliers and VCFQ". The Blue Voice and Animal are the only shop panel configurations that include both.
There should be an M-Class with
That would be rad
The perfect rig for me would
be the Creature and Audio Interface...
if the Resonant Equalizer was the Wave
Multiplier. very frustrating

Thanks Pockets McCoy. That's good to

Yeah... unfortunately, I just can't pick the
exact rig I want without getting some stuff
that's redundant. Nevermind the fact that
module by module, it's already steep... then
I have to buy modules I'd don't even want. lol
If you get the Make Noise Format Jumbler you'll be all set to plug interchangeably between systems. Just plug the ground jack from the Format Jumbler to the ground on the Serge power supply.
Pockets McCoy
Oh, yeah, I completely forgot about the format jumbler! That's probably the simplest way to go about it, since then you only have to worry about grounding the Jumbler to the Serge PSU and everything's gravy. Also wicked easy to DIY, if you're so inclined.
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