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Juno 66-- Pulse wave not working post-install, suggestions?
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Author Juno 66-- Pulse wave not working post-install, suggestions?
I installed my Juno 66 kit about 6 months ago and it's great but somehow during the installation I must have managed to break the pulse wave as it no longer works.

I had to go back over my original 66 installation as it wasn't 100% at first, and during the course of reassembly I had two of the multipin internal connectors swapped at one point. Once I figured that out, I swapped them back and the 66 kit works fine now but the previously-working pulse wave no longer works. I don't remember at this point which connectors I had swapped.

It sounds a very narrow pulse wave for one voice out of six, but the pwm has no effect on this one and all the other voices are silent for the pulse wave. The saw wave and sub octave are both working fine, as is everything else on the synth.

Any suggestions on what to check? I'm a complete novice with schematics but downloaded the Juno 60 service manual (couldn't find the 6) and am perusing the PWM section but am not really sure what to look for. I'm assuming there's a comparator that generates the square wave from the saw?

Not sure if I should post this here or in the general DIY section but thought this might be a good place to start. Any help would be appreciated.

you can find a Juno-6 service manual here:

the pulse width signal comes from the back panel via a connector. The signal is called 'MULTI PWM CV', seen on page 15 coming from panel board A.

A first step would be to check the connector and measure, if the signal arrives in the voice board. You should be able to use a multimeter for that.
Just to follow up, I replaced the PWM demultiplexer and comparator ICs and it works fine now.
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