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A guide for understanding Eurorack Rails
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Author A guide for understanding Eurorack Rails
We have put together a little guide on the different Eurorack Rails that are available in the UK and Europe (as far as we know) and the fixings required for each of the rails.

I hope it's a good starting point for people looking to get into the Eurorack world and who want to make their own Eurorack Case.

If you have any more information that you think we should add, let me know.

Here it is -
just read it really fast but stumbled upon;

"Gie-Tec also manufactures a variation of this rail without the lip, however, the reduced thickness and fixing geometry do not make it suitable for the Eurorack format"

I've made at least four cases with gie-tec rails WITHOUT lip with zero issues. Care to explain more in detail since they're to my experience very much the same size as Vector rails and works perfectly fine with Pulp Logic's 1U tiles.
Basically ALL rails will work on custom cases because you set the distances between the rails based on the hole to hole spacing of 122.5mm. the lip is a cosmetic addition and if the panels are made correctly, being 128.5mm tall with the holes 3mm in from the tops and bottoms, then it will work. With Vector and other non-lipped rails , this will leave a small gap beyond the panel, but they will still work.

The "U" rack spec is 1.75" (44.45mm) per 1U so the standard Eurorack 3U height to fit in a standard rack system would be 5.25" (133.35mm) so you can see that the standard Doepfer sized front panel has 10.85mm (a little over .4") left over. this is filled with a lip on the rails that have them, and with air in the ones that don't.

On a Vector rail system, the rack ears are slotted and the rails can be adjusted but if you are making your own cabinet, this doesn't matter at all unless you want to rack mount the cabinet. I have made rack mounted and non rack mounted cabinets and skiffs using Vector rails and it has never been a problem. On a rack system you will have gaps between the vector Eurorack and the next piece of standard rack gear but this will happen with rack gear anyway.

The MOST important dimension, no matter what rails you use, is the slot center to slot center dimension. This should be 122.5mm (4.82") or you won't be able to mount the panels.

The recent problem with 1U tiles not fitting the intellejel new cabinet is that the original makers of the tiles use the standard rack spacing of 1.75" and used non-lipped rails. Thusly the centers of the slots were farther apart than that would have been if lipped rails were used. Intellijel used lipped rails in the same 1U dimensions and because of that, none of the current 1U tiles will fit in his unit, and none of his 1U modules will fit in the current 1U tile cabinets.
Thank you for your feedback guys - I am going to update the article to clarify these points.
Nothing of substance to add except that this is a fantastic idea and kudos to tobiaslancaster for writing it out. I wish something like this had existed when I first started modular and then about a year later when I built myself a 6U case.
the reduced thickness and fixing geometry do not make it suitable for the Eurorack format

I still don't understand this, what is the problem?
charonme wrote:
the reduced thickness and fixing geometry do not make it suitable for the Eurorack format

I still don't understand this, what is the problem?

There isn't if you're building a custom case and take into account the differences in thickness. If you buy side panels though they're likely going to have been made for the ones with a lip, so you'll end up with gaps in your rows and such like. (and possible not enough room for your modules if the mounting holes are different, gei-tec have profile cad drawings of their rails so you can double check)
ah yes, that's right. the side mounting dimensions are indeed different from the doepfer rails

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