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Greetings (and videos ;) ) from the New Shop!
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Author Greetings (and videos ;) ) from the New Shop!
Just moved in to a New shop in Philadelphia smile
Here's a vid from the new space integrating an MPC and Miniak with my modular.
There's a little section of the modular as a monosynth voice and another little section to process some percussion audio coming out of the MPC (and Miniak).
The Monosynth voice was as simple as connecting a Midi-CV converter CV and Gate and the audio processing brings the Line level up with the Line Input on the TrAniModule. Easy as using a 1/4" to 1/8" cable for both.

Here's another quickie just running Miniak Audio in to an SOB via the Line_In from a TrAniModule and triggering an envelope via the gate signal from a MIDI-CV converter on each notepress

Here's one using a MidiBox CV to assign a pad per Channel via the MPC1000 and set up 5 percussion voices on the Modular. I play them on the pads in realtime then play a sequenced hook along with a Bassline from the Miniak and some sampled drum percussions.
sound is much better than the previous 2 cause i finally have the aniModule test synth set up smile

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