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Sign Up Now! (US) 6/25 Bay Area Peter Blasser Workshop
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Author Sign Up Now! (US) 6/25 Bay Area Peter Blasser Workshop
6/11 Update

Peter made registration part of the Synthmall cart, shipping is added automatically. The workshop price will be adjusted to compensate. Thanks!

6/6 Update:

here's a link to the FB event:

Registration via Synthmall:

and the NoiseBridge info: r_of_Ciat_Lonbarde

Workshop is CONFIRMED for JUNE 25th at NoiseBridge Hackerspace in SF
(US) Bay Area Peter Blasser Tocante Building Workshop
We will be posting updated pricing and details in the next couple of days. We are hammering out the final fine details. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!


Shnth: $255
tocante (your choice with pre-regsitration):$315
shnth+tocante (your choice with pre-regsitration) $570.00
Additional Tocantes with registration:$315
Bass Bistab and Bass Thyris $200 each with registration!

9:00AM setup and check-in
10:00AM talk
10:30 workshop start
1:30 lunch break
2:30 workshop
5:00-6:00 wrap up

Original Post:

Hello Everybody,

I have been talking to Peter about doing an instrument building workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are discussing schedule, and it looks like late spring early summer is a possibility. Posting this as an interest check to see who would be interested in such a workshop.

Pete suggested building Tocantes - don't know exactly which models would be available but weigh in if you have a preference.

Venue TBD, either East Bay or SF. I imagine cost would be in line with previous SHNTH building workshops, or about 66-75% of the cost of the instrument, but that is TBD depending on attendance, venue and travel costs.

I'll keep a running count of attendees and preferences in this post. I am also going to post this in the Facebook group, so if you're on there, please identify yourself and/or refrain from posting both places.



UPDATE 2/23:

In speaking to Peter, he said workshop attendees can pick any Tocante they'd like (Karper is sold out through April, but that shouldn't be a problem). Cost may vary slightly by instrument. He mentioned about 75% of retail cost for the DIY workshop with instrument. We are working on a timeframe now.


It looks like this will be a Summer workshop with the target date moving to June/July per Peter's schedule. Also being discussed are the possibility of adding IFM Modules to the workshop. continuing to work on venues and firm dates.

Update 4/6

We are targeting late June Weekend, working the Venue angle now. More by the end of this week and firm dates soon, hopefully!

Interested/Instrument/From (Muff or Facebook):

1 db (me!) Tocante MW
2 wild frontiers Tocante MW
3 Madrayken Tocante MW
4 noisejockey Tocante (new) MW
5 aethersprite+1 Bass? MW
6 kasey +1 Tocante MW
7 Dog Of Tears Tocante FB
8 JW Tocante FB
9MysticCircuits +1 Tocante FB
10 SCY1 Tocante (new) FB
11 Adomokkan - date depend MW
12 Senseanalog Possibly MW
13 pritzcobinger Possibly MW
14 Clarke68 Tocante MW
15 FutureSound Tocante MW
16 jsu Tocante MW
17 Lowgain Tocante FB
18 King Maxwell Tocante MW
19 Sine Brave MW
20 Josh Email
21 WildFrontiers Tocante MW
I'm extremely interested (Austin on FB here). No preference on Tocante model, but I am interested in building a Tocante.
Say when. (Phashi, ideally, for me)
Super interested. I own a Phashi so maybe one of the newer ones would be fun.
I'm in for sure! Thanks to your demo Bill I'd love to build a Zenert. Or one of the bass ones. Or whatever. thumbs up
I am in. I would love to build a tenor bistab.
Wow, thanks for the responses. I'l tabulate them soon. Hoping for a dozen attendees, should make it worth everyone's while!
I think I can vouch for at least 1, maybe two more (who don't frequent this forum).
Depending on the date, I'm interested.
adammokan wrote:
Depending on the date, I'm interested.

Do yo know when you won't be able to attend? send a PM...
Still trying to sort out some details but I might be in.
Thank all - I am going to post this in the Main Events thread as well to see if it gets any more interest. I think the magic number for participation is around a dozen, but I'd like to get that to 16 or so to cover attrition.
I mentioned this in the FB group but I am down to carpool with anyone in socal.
I might be in. Depends on the date and my travelling plans...
Should we vote for which tocante everyone wants to build? I am up for pretty much any of them but the phashi, I love the bendable "nabra" behaviour of the others. Obviously I would still come up to build a phasi but that is my preference.
I'd vote for any one besides phashi too oops
aethersprite wrote:
I'd vote for any one besides phashi too oops

Update on that, see the first post. Pick any Tocante you want!
Bravo, Bill! This is gonna be awesome! w00t

Anybody else thinking bass thyris?
Oh yeah, I'm down with Bass Thyris, FWIW.
noisejockey wrote:
Oh yeah, I'm down with Bass Thyris, FWIW.

Me too, probably. Def one of the two bass instruments...
Wow, lucky me. Just discovered this maker. I'm down. Let me know if you need help locating a venue to host.
Hey Bill a buddy of mine up here is interested in participating if there's still room...
aethersprite wrote:
Hey Bill a buddy of mine up here is interested in participating if there's still room...

Cool. Noted. Thanks.
I sure wish I could come out for something like this
Updates to the OP. Looks like early Summer is a more likely timeframe.
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