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Spectral Devastator Calibration
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Author Spectral Devastator Calibration
So I just picked up a used FIL2 and I can confirm it is indeed brutal in all the right ways, loving the filthy self-oscillation too.

however, to get the LP filter to close completely I have to send it a -ve offset. Also the HP doesnt seem to open fully at 0 either as it still all sounds pretty filtered. I'm sure its just a calibration issue so would appreciate it if someone could let me know which trims to tweak before I just dive in and make things even worse!

OK Ignore me! I just found the link to the manual which has everything I need.
Let us know if you need any further assistance thumbs up
Top little dirty filter.
Ceri JC
bcitral wrote:
Top little dirty filter.

As I said when I first heard one:
"I wouldn't want it as the only filter in my rack, but it's really nice to hear a filter with such a distinct character that's not just yet another emulation."

It would be a fantastic choice if you were looking for something at the more noise/industrial end of the spectrum: Perhaps with a load of Harvestman modules, or even if you were running a small form factor case containing a few modules as outboard FX as a guitarist.
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