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Razmasynth Telewizor V2
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Author Razmasynth Telewizor V2
Telewizor V2 will be available soon (In the middle of March, 20 mounted units)

It's an AV display able to display any video signal apply on his composite input and now it is a Video Generator with several patterns, controlled by CV.

In addition, Telewizor is turned to a real one channel Oscilloscope with a sample rate from 700KHz to 228Hz. So you can display the lowest signal from LFO to any Audio waveform from VCO or high frequency noise, and 4xZoom to display small signals.

-CV INPUT to control the Video Generator (Jack Mono 3.5) Accept every CV from modular, bipolar (+5/-5V) and unipolar (+5V).

-Video IN: Support PAL/NTSC, it can connect with DVD, VCD, TFT Camera, Super Nintendo, VHS Tape etc... (Cinch input)

-The Cinch labelled "Video" export the composite signal from Video Generator, but it can export Video signal or Sync with a simple hack.

-Telewizor is based on Arduino, so you can easily hack and create your own Video pattern. (120x96 pixels)

Video Generator: Over 9 video patterns (See demo)

Full specs:

Here's a demo of the prototype:

And pics:

Will be keeping a eye out for this. Missed out on the first batch.
Love it. i am completely IN if there is a DIY kit .
This is what I have been waiting for and I didn't even know it!! hyper
I keep checking back hoping to see these. Any update on when they go on sale?
damn this is pretty cool, please keep me posted on this
I want one
Lovely! Didn't notice the composite out until I went to your page. Good stuff for LZX folks.
Wow, looks pretty cool -- did the second batch already sell out?
I messaged and found out the 20 units have already been sold.

There is a DIY kit coming soon.
Some news about Telewizor V2 kit version:

I’m just finishing the dual PCB, it will be sent for production under 8 days.
To release as much space as possible for the screen and its driver, most components have become SMD (1208) but they are relatively few, so the assembly therefore ideal for beginners.
The module is most DIY friendly as possible, the Atmega 328P has been replaced by an Arduino Nano, which will allow Diyers load their own videos patterns. Additionally all unused Arduino port will be accessible. So if you are bored about Razmasynth, you can always turn your Telewizor into Grains from Gynko!!!

I've also found two trusted suppliers for the screens so I shouldn’t have any supply worries on that side.

I put a screenshot of the dual PCB. For those who have one of the many prototypes Telewizor V2 (yes, there are a lucky dozen) the implementation of the buttons / jack / Cinch remains the same and yet the facade retains the option of external alimentation for those who want a Telewizor outside their modular box.

So it will be available as kits end of June / beginning of July smile

Telewizor V2 released as a kit but they are already sold out within 12h!!! Thank you to all who have ordered one.

I will prepare another batch for end of August.

i got mine smile
New improvement just before uploading the uC and send the kids to their owners: A tribute to Captain Blood video game (Music by Jean-Michel Jarre himself)

please let us know when the next batch comes in. I would love one of these applause
Yes no problem. I'm waiting the feedback from firsts Diyers to order a second batch.
This time I will open a pre-order list wink
Telewizor V2 batch#2 is now available!!!
The kits are now supplied with strong Neutrik RCA connectors smile

Sweet!! do you have a BOM or breakdown of all the parts that come with a full kit. If I choose to source my own parts, is the faceplate, pcb and programmed chip all I need to order.
Yes, I have Mouser BOM, it's the components I use on the kits, you only need to add the PCBs, uC and faceplate: jectGUID=ba9b1a0c-0c1e-4360-9b47-4c9dfa8f853c
Thinking of getting one of these.
Interestingly Im looking at getting some Computer Vision into my rig aswell, noticing this uses an Arduino... I wonder if something like the Nootropic thing could be implemented into the Raz' video input... on/

What do you think?
Yes, we use the same library and same pinout for output, so most of the video games from Nootropic will run on Telewizor.
For Video increment, you need a small hack: Adding a LM1881 video sync separator for your signal like the nootropic Video Experimenter:

I'm actually thinking about a small expander module or PCB for Telewizor including 2x video Buffer and a Video Sync Separator on a 4hp panel or directly plugged on the Hack/extension pads on the Telewizor's PCB back.
Razmataz wrote:
I'm actually thinking about a small expander module or PCB for Telewizor including 2x video Buffer and a Video Sync Separator on a 4hp panel or directly plugged on the Hack/extension pads on the Telewizor's PCB back.

now that sounds sweet thumbs up
Is the screen not color?
I just released a new pattern for Telewizor: Mazinger Z.
Here's a small demo.
@ Sman: Yes the Screen is full color and display any Composite signal. The built-in Video Generator is based on Arduino Nano and display only BW.

You can find the entire Arduino code and library to upload your module on the back of the building page:

hi i would take one too--how much will it cost ?
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