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Vermona 104 case powering doubt
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Author Vermona 104 case powering doubt

I am planning on getting a new case. The Vermona looks very nice and I am loving its 104HP and it even includes the 1U rails. You can build a very powerfull system with that space
My doubt is regarding the power. I see it only has 24 connectors, so in 208hp plus 208hp of 1U you cannot have more than 24 modules? That seems very limiting. Am I missing something? I guess 1U format has a lot of passive modules, so no need for power, but even so, I have now 84HP 9U (so 252HP) and still have more than 24 modules... Would it be possible to daisy chain one of those tiptop flying header connectors? Would that be dangerous?

Also, I have seen schneidersladen web says Pulplogic 1U modules don't work with this case. Do you guys have any info about this?

I am not very good with electronics, so I get a bit lost when reading about mA and stuff, so I don't know how much you could stress the already existing powering system in the case.

I have to say I am loving it. Its a bit expensive, but its soooo much space in such a compact box. I would get a case to carry it around and it would be a super powerfull compact system... If you know of any other alternatives (preferibly in Europe) that offer 1U and 104hp let me know! Just could find the synthrotek waterproof, which I don't like aesthetically and has much less HP

Thanks in advance!
Astronaut FX
If I'm not mistaken, I believe 1U tiles run off of a different type of connection, that will require only one of the connectors. See link below for example. -bus-block-eurorack-and-tiles-power-distributer.html
ghee hgt
i am using the vermona. yes there is a problem with its 1u spacing because they use thick european rails. i told schneiders and vermona about it but they don't care. so you are either stuck with vermona tiles only, or exchange those 1u-rails(which is pretty easy but adds additional €80 to the bill). pulp logic sells euro to tile power adapter cables which is 1 to 6 connections. so you can connect plenty of tiles to one standard euro power plug...
all in all its a pretty nice case with good power if you are willing to iron out those 1u flaws
very frustrating
ghee hgt
euro to tile power: e_active_7
Does anyone else have experience with this case? I really like the 1U option and the console-like layout, but I'm concerned about ghee hgt's experience with the Pulp Logic tiles. Power specs seem a bit low as well.
I am unable to fit any tile in my vermona 104hp case.
Did anyone find a solution? I saw a mention of thinner rails... was anyone able to fit tiles into his vermona setup at all?
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