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The process of making a modular album
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Author The process of making a modular album
geecen wrote:
peripatitis wrote:
I am not sure there is such a thing as a modular synth album,
even if you are getting your motif's , structures, etc directly from the modular one could easily claim that you made an album itb using renoise as a daw and getting your material from a modular synth...

Btw this is my biggest gripe with modular synthesis (having a small to medium system myself), i always hated sampling, always prefer synthesis, but i seem to be doing it daily since i started composing with the modular smile

Dude when they record a rock band they do one instrument at a time and then chop it up to find the best bits. Doing anything else would constitute a live album as far as I'm concerned! Rockin' Banana!

I never said otherwise, but modular music doesn't mean anything to me unless there is something that defines the music as such. You can use the modular to make techno, you can use it to make rock, you can use it to make thrash metal. Nothing of the above is 'modular music' because you used a modular synth, that is my point. If on the other hand by using the modular you ended up in music that is what it is because of the nature of the modular synth, then that is a different discussion...If for example one says i made a piece for clarinet, that does not mean that you composed a piece for piano and let the clarinet play it, but that you as a composer made a piece thinking about the special characteristics a clarinet has (range of sounds, extended techniques, etc).

Now taking into consideration the almost unlimited options one has with a modular, it would be very difficult to define a modular music..
PolarIceCaves wrote:
Very cool sounding album. I love it!
I think I saw your name in the list of Ladik roms.

I would love to know more about your clock software for grains also.

Yeah, I have four custom roms, three public (bd, sd, hh) + one "private" (glitches) with my favorite sounds that I send VJ. I haven't had the hh rom installed yet, since I like the other ones so much. I should get another rom player for that rom soon...

The grains firmware is here:
atte - Great album! Seriously fun to listen too.

Now, to the banter hihi I must first say that the idea of music being "modular" or "not modular" is nonsensical to me. With that out of the way, Atte's album here is most definitely modular music:

1. It sounds good, it has "meat" (technical term), and sounds like it was composed thoughtfully. This makes it "music" (somewhat rare in the modular world).

2. Precisely because of the recording/mixing method used, it is more modular than most other music: Atte first used his modular synth to make discreet sound samples; let's call them "modules". He then [expertly] mixed these modules of modular sounds to modularly make modular music.

Dead Banana

Atte, once again, I was happily surprised by the album!
Thanks a lot for sharing! Very interesting read, and the result is very good, in my opinion. smile I've been trying a similar process myself over the past few months, but I have a long way to go when it comes to arranging stuff in the DAW. Inspiring to read your story!
And not to steal atte's thunder, but I just hit 'publish' on my RPM album after some light mastering work:

Most of mine was done with my Eurorack, half of which actually arrived two weeks ago so it was some real on-the-job training. My Moog M-32 had a huge role as well.

Sequencing was mostly done software-side. I bought Numerology a few months ago and never really put it through its paces, but now... damn I love that thing. Other stuff used were a couple Roland Boutiques, a bunch of Moogerfooger pedals (the phaser in particular), a D-50 and a small bit of VST.

Probably my proudest moment on it was sequencing "Flyover," where I wanted the sequence to represent New Horizons going over Pluto. I fed my rack the sequence via Numerology through the M32's MIDI-->CV converter, which went into Maths' channel 2, then Disting in quantizer mode before going to a Dixie II+. During the track, I ever so slowly turned Maths CCW to make the sequence go from hi-low, to stopped, to low-hi. That's something that would have been real difficult for me to pull off in a non-modular environment.

Anyway feel free to give a listen and I hope you enjoy. (Please let me know if this should be a separate thread -- I know this place isn't too keen on new threads being made too often)
Enjoying your album! Cheers!
@atte, great work on this record. "Stop counting" has a lovely cinematic vibe. Very pretty, indeed.
Nice! Listening to it now.
This is great stuff! Each song covers a lot of ground and goes lots of places. I admire your very successful work in structuring these.
Thanks for all the listening and the kind words, really means a lot!

Thanks also for those (few) that decided to support it by buying the album, I'm really grateful!
I spend february making an album almost entirely with my eurorack.

Very cool sounds in here.

I also tend to multi-track. Mostly mixing live improvs from the Buchla Easel, as I prefer layered sounds without having to use a looping pedal. (sometimes I do)

I'm making the dive into Eurorack too, and see no wrong with the virtual world either, considering the amount of digital modules available now. (To me its like the analog/digital argue aeons ago).
Congrats on the album, it sounds really good and the diversity of styles is much appreciated for this kind of gear-oriented music!
Thanks for sharing, I've been looking to find a new workflow now that I've gotten into modular... also that last track is great
Haven't listened yet, but will definitely check it out. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your process.

It's not like, ground shakingly original (no offense!) but I've been wanting to try to do something similar as far as recording parts intentionally for separate parts of a 'song' structure.

My main process in the past has been recording a mass of material - different loops, beats, textures, melodies, etc. - just stuff that comes out of experimenting with my instruments - and then using that material as a source for collaging in the editing process. I think it's worked well (check out the bandcamp for examples), and it's definitely something I'll continue to do, but after doing it for a while I'd like to try something more like what you're describing.

Nice album
Awesome post, I'm listening to the album now and I have a comment-

I'm in the process of making a "modular album" as well and in many ways I'll be using some of the sample processes as you (i.e. Using DAW and structured loops, multitracked) but my comment is - I've noticed most modular compositions seem to have longer arrangements, songs that are often 10 mins +, it's refreshing to see that you've done shorter pieces that are well structured but full of modular experimentation.

Track 6 is epic! :-)
Double post.
Found out about it just now, havenĀ“t made it through the complete album yet (currently track 6), still went for it after starting song two lol thumbs up

Very well done w00t
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