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Access Virus TI: Outdated? A cliche?
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Author Access Virus TI: Outdated? A cliche?
Hey guys. I'm not trying to stir up any controversy here. I'm hoping to reach out to current and past Access Virus TI users and get some feedback on why you're keeping it or why you got rid of it.

To put this in context, I've owned a Snow in the past. I sold it for the knobbier TI mk 1. I sold the TI a few years ago to fund my venture into eurorack. I currently have several polys: Matrix 1000, Prophet 08, Prophet 12, Ambika (which I'm selling). I have a few mono synths as well, and 21 U of euro as well. Honestly, I love my current synths. But I miss my TI. I can't put my finger on it. But I feel like I didn't explore it to it's fullest. I feel like I got lost in the thousands of presets, and never sat down to truly tweak it myself. Over the past few years, I've really delved into synthesis and now only rarely use a preset (except for the Matrix 1000, because it's a pain to program). I find that I get a a lot of analog goodness out of my P '08, the wavetable stuff from my Prophet 12 (so much so that I find myself never using the Ambika, hence I'm selling it). I have no VA currently, other than a few soft synths including Sylenth and Discovery. But I find programming soft synths tedious.

So, what I like about the TI (specifically looking at a Polar TI 2). Small package. Great key feel (if they're like the original TIs keys, it was by far the best action I've play in a modern synth). High voice count and multi-timbrality. Wavetables, granular synth, formant, multiple filter modes, decent modulation options (though for a digital synth at this price point, I kind of expected more) and really nice effects section. It seems perfect for sound design. And I feel like if I chose to play out, I could have the TI, my MPC +/- Ableton/Push and that's all I would need.

But obviously there are short comings. I can't remember what OS I was on when I had my last virus, but I recall that TI wasn't great. Is it better? Have they been still regularly maintaining/providing updates? What do you hate about it? What do you love about it?

My biggest concern is that it's not a cheap synth. It's been a while since they've updated the Virus line, and from what I read it's unlikely to be replaced any time soon (but you never know). I've read that the focus has been on Kemper profiling amps, so I'm not sure if the TI has fallen by the way side. My buddy's argument against the Virus is that every one and their mother has a TI. But I would argue that speaks to the quality of the product. So I'm pretty torn. Any feedback would help. Thanks.

I have and love one. Rack version. Used to have the keyboard as well. Don't care at all for the TI aspect of it, as I don't use a DAW in my musical meanderings. The oscillator and filters are incredible. Very powerful synths.

Now, why would the fact that many people own it be a deterrent? Is this about being "special"? I think it's great, as it guarantees the viability of the company for future upgrades/ technical support. Much better than owning, say, a Waldorf Wave, for which it is so damn hard to find capable technicians! The Virus is such a complex and rich instrument that, in the hands of a motivated and creative person, it can be an incredible source of sounds. love
Most expensive VST there is.,.. had one felt like id been touched up by the shareholders at Access......

sadly a great concept but doomed to fail as they could never rewrite the code form scratch " cos of the millions of presets that would sound wrong"

had a Virus B and a TI2- sold them both and bought a real synth instead
Hated the TI (i think we had the first run), the TI part was temperamental and buggy, even the midi was shakey on ours..It just never worked properly... Thought it sounded horrid too.. like an instant psytrance generator - ewww....
It eventually just died one day, and we havent been arsed to fix it, as the world needs more anchors than crappola synths:o)...
Hee hee...not much love, huh? One thing for sure is that the Virus C has probably been the best iteration sound-wise, IMO. These things have a HUGE sound, and I've been fortunate to have my needs met by them, so far..... applause
Ha wow. Such strong responses.

Yeah I don't buy the glorified VST thing. I really like the knobiness. And the build my TI was fantastic. I really did enjoy playing it.

I agree the presets make it a trance machine. But I have to think the sound is pretty flexible. I feel like there were so many options I did not explore.

Like I mentioned, I have plenty of other synths. I just feel like this might add to my sound palette. I'm definitely on the fence though.
The "trancey" sounds are a few knob twists away. Period. I personally find a lot of the granular, ethereal patches just annoying and useless, but then one can just.....tweak 'em! And voilá! Something altogether different! As I said, it's a very powerful synth, and I love mine. It sits next to a Waldorf Q, and they maintain mutual respect and reverence we're not worthy
dopefiend that's good to hear. I personally don't recall any business or crashing, have you noticed any of that? And do you know how old the newest OS is? I've been trying to find release notes, but what I've found does not seem to be dated. How often would you say they update it? In the brief time I had my Viruses it seems like there was a big update almost yearly.
I have the TI and I don't use total integration. It's really powerfull synth, I love it
IMO it doesn't need an update. it's maybe the best interface I've used as far as desktop synths go. I still pull completely unique sounds out of it. it's far from being my favorite as far as emulating analog sounds, but that's why I don't use it for that typically. the multimode works really well. I also never use the vst portion or USB except when I'm backing up patches.

however, if you don't need a multitimbral synth, I'd get a blofeld.
I think I would lean towards the multitimbrality.

I liked the fact that each update would bring a new effect or new features. While it has a pretty full feature set there seems like there's room for some improvements. It would nice to be able to route envelopes to the filter in the pitch shifter section. Looping envelopes would be nice. It would be nice to import your own wavetables (it can't do that at this point can it?). Small features. But they would be welcome additions.

I actually did use the TI plugin to some degree. Not to bring in audio because it went ape shit every now and then. But it was nice to be able to bring up all the patches with the project. And when I had the snow it was pretty much a must for programming. The keyed version I preferred to tweak by hand.

I have to say that with my current set up synths I by no means must have it. The Proohet 12 (and honestly the P'08 too) is a real versatile synth. Super easy to program. And so many sound design possibilities. But I feel the desire to have a Virus in the studio again. I really clicked with it I guess. And I feel like I would appreciate it more now.
I really enjoyed my time with the TI. I do feel like their sound engine has outgrown the rather standard subtractive synth-styled hardware interface, though. Too much is hidden in the VST. If it had encoders with LEDs like a Nord Lead 3 and more controls overall, it would be a must-have.
craigie77 wrote:

had a Virus B and a TI2- sold them both and bought a real synth instead

So ACCESS Virus's aren't REAL synths???? angry angry angry
I've owned A Virus B indigo and a Virus C rack. Never had problems creating from scratch, unique and genuine patches. The oscillators are deep. The Envelopes are quick enough and also slow enough. The patching/LFOS are on time and have TONS of modulation points.

How are these not real synths??
angry angry angry
I was always interested in the TI, but when they were 1st released I read problems with the whole 'TI' concept. Maybe that's been resolved now, but since I have a Virus Indigo 2 (Redback) I never bothered with the TI.

Why don't you look at grabbing an Indigo 2?? It has classic sounds, small size, and plenty of modulation options. Yeah I'm sure the TI has more features but are these worth the added cost/required for your production???
I thought about the indigo. I really do like the added features of the TI. The integration part is the least of the reasons I like it. But at least while I owned a TI, Access regularly added features. If I'm going to invest the money I'd probably want to get the newest virus to continue to reap the benefits of updates. I'm in no hurry to buy one. Not sure if I will at all. The Prophet12 really does meet most sound design desires. But as mentioned above the Virus kinda fits a different niche, not the analog emulation. Really I'm interested in the digital goodness.
Have a virus KB and really like it. To me, it just sounds lovely and fills most of my poly synth needs. Almost sold it but realized that would have been foolish. I just love the sound of late 90's to early 2K digital poly synths.
I picked up a TI2 Desktop a few months ago and I love it. I don't use the TI software, just MIDI and Audio and it's a solid, amazing sounding synth. Pairs well with a P12 here.
Each to their own but...

I have TI and an Indigo II and use them both on and off. They pair well with analogue synths from other manufacturers - ie so very different from a Voyager and the contrast is inspiring & musical.
They still sell for similar money which suggests they are a good way from obsolete.
And yes maybe the C series (inc my Indigo II) have something a little different going on - dunno what...
Good kit - plenty going on tones to tweak.
I just purchased a TI Polar on here from dubchild. As soon as I send him the balance funds, he is shipping it over to me.

I had a TI Keyboard in the past but it was too bulky for my studio so I sold it. Always sorta regretted it. So now I found a TI Polar for a great price and I am "all in." I am selling my Prophet 12 and Indigo (ver 1) now that I have this on the way.

I think it is a great synth that can cover SO much territory. Never understood the people who say it is basically a software synth as I think it sounds much different in character to most software synths. Don't get me wrong, there are amazing software synths on the market today, but the Virus is different to me.

And for those that say it sounds too digital. To each their own, but the fact that it doesn't sound SUPER thick and analog like an Oberheim or a Moog is not a bad thing. If you are looking for that sound, grab a OB or a Moog. The sounds that the TI make are great for certain things in my mix.

I can't wait until I get the Polar. It's gonna be a VIP in my studio.
I ended up trading for a TI mk I with a fellow wiggler. I'm loving it. Incredible for sound design. So feature laden. Great for processing external audio as well.

I definitely won't be selling my Prophet 12 though. Different beasts.
worked with one TI first version for about two years. never touched any of the many presets, always built my sounds from scratch. man, i love it. you can do so many different stuff with it, i did professional sound design for drum sounds (included in a commercial bundle) with it and nothing else, did many parts on my last 2 albums and my last ep, gigged with it quite some times. always reliable, both in studio and live, both with integration or just midi.

i loved that every part, when used multitimbral, had his own fx, a lot of them and some of them awesome sounding. i did everything with it from drums to karplus strong pitched crazyness to huge basses, hoovers (it excels at it) , crazy glitched rhythms, deep pads & name it.

i borrowed it from a friend for a cpl years now he got it back. don't miss it only because now i have a 12u and an octa to keep things rollin' smile
Just the topic i am looking for. every ones post has been super helpful.
I my self just ordered a Virus ti desktop for a killer deal!! its in the mail as we speak. from the looks of every ones post it seems to be pretty amazing and the thing is i am a trance producer, and from what people have said on the presets that "the presets make it a trance machine" makes me even more EXCITED!!! thanks my fellow Wigglers!!! as always you guys are amazing!! SlayerBadger!
The more time I spend with mine the more I remember what a beast it really is. It certainly isn't thin. And you always can use unison mode to double,quadruple, etc the voices. The oscillator options are insane and it's really flexible in terms of routing etc. I feel like I have to make a point to not over use it, and throw in some other synths into the mix. But I really am glad I bought it. And the TI software in Live has been pretty smooth actually. I don't use the USB for audio. It slows down my over all latency and gives me timing issues. And I was getting a few clicks and pops. Almost like word clock issues but not as bad.

Anyone have any clue how to use the vocoder. I hear folks poo poo it often. But I'd like to try it out for myself.
I use the Virus TI mk1 desktop without the TI component - it simply functions as 16 layers of complex hardware synthesis for control with a cirklon. In that regard, it's excellent. Hundreds of parameters to fiddle with on the panel or sequence from the cirklon. applause

It's not going to sound like a moog, obviously, but you can get surprisingly analog sounds out of it. Reading the 'Programming Analog Synths with the Virus' book (I think that was the title?) that was floating around on the ti forums helps you dive into the depths of the programming, and get some analog-ish sounds along the way. Also, I was quite surprised with how the effects sounded. The reverb and delay are quite nice considering how much people hate on the TI in general. And the important part is that each of the 16 layers has it's own FX bank... thinking of this as 16x subtractive VST & FX chains in a single hardware box is how I see the value of mine.
The TI and Cirkclon seem like a really powerful combination.

I do like the software for programming. It's easier to access all the parameters for me. Plus it's pretty logically laid out, so it just makes the process more straight forward for me. I feel a little stupid programming a knobby synth with software. But it just works for me.
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