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whats the story on magpie modular panels?
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Author whats the story on magpie modular panels?
they have an empty 'official company' thread here and a website that looks to be under construction, but a search doesn't reveal any threads with more info.... curious!
Its Kris Northern's company. He makes some awespme alternate mutable panels, Turing Machine panels, sand blasted artwork with screen printed graphics. Looks really sleek, seems to be doing well if they have a forum. You can find most of the info on facebook.
Picked up some Magpie NLC Triple Sloth panels. Very nice designs, and fast shipment!! Thanks Magpie!!!
website is a store w/other pages for info.. it's been live for ages now.. and changes often as new things come in stock etc...

they've got their process down and the SDIY stuff is a nice part of the diy scene. some cool projects.

you can also find their panels at modular addict.
we're huge fans now and carry their stuff as well!
I have their Elements panel, and an incoming uO_c panel. really nice panels!

they also do PCBs
Thread necro!

While we're here, though.

+1 for magpie panels. I've built a few modules for clients requesting Magpie, and along with Oscillasarus have been the nicest panels I have seen so far in this community. Beautifully done, deep and crisp finishes. No complaints.
+1 Here. I've got a white glow in the dark Maths and a Black Grids. Amazing work. I wish they did custom jobs!!
Just a heads up:

The magpie uBraids panel does have a wrong cutout for the adafruit oled. There is no chance to align it so it doesnt look weired.

The magpie Plancks panel has the 0V +10v indication inverted.
Huge fan here, too. Almost all of my Mutable Instruments modules have their panels & both of the mother32s I picked up (one in black and one in white). Oh, and a bunch of panels for other modules. They make great stuff.
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