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vcNoiz not noisy
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Author vcNoiz not noisy
I've had VcNoiz working for a week or so now, no issues. But last night it was not outputting noise - DC or AC.
With the Rate knob all the way down, I could see I was still getting pulses at random. Clock Out sends a clock.
Just no output from either Noise output. I pulled the module and the jack connections are intact, and again, everything was working days ago.

Ideas? Jumpstarts? seriously, i just don't get it I don't know how to track down problem components.

Update: The VcNoiz I have is the Universal PCB. It has power inputs for both MOTM (+/-15v) and Euro 12v. I had stopped working on the MOTM header. But when I connect to the Euro Header, it now works!
Now what changed...I don't know. I would like to - but I suspect something in there is sensitive to the power input? Whatever. I just assemble the stuff so I can use it... nanners
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