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Tyme Sefari MKII - adjust bit format setting without SOT?
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Author Tyme Sefari MKII - adjust bit format setting without SOT?
Infinity Curve
Possibly silly question, but is it possible to jumper things on the main module for the bit rate selection without the SOT? I find for the most part the only thing I use the SOT for is selecting the bit rate, and I'm usually working with the 12bit setting - can I jumper the main module somehow for this setting without the SOT needed? Just trying to see if I can free up some space.
If by jumper you mean "solder", should be possible I imagine. The bit changer is just a switch, correct?
Infinity Curve
I would likely just make a cable so I could switch it if I want. I'm fairly certain this can be done, more looking for the info on what pins need to be connected.
Infinity Curve
Nobody? help
governor blacksnake
Yes, the bottom two pins on the THUNDER header are connected to ground. Connect any of the other 8 lines to these pins to them and you'll get the effect of the associated switch (sorry, I don't have the pinout handy).
Infinity Curve
I assume no concern trial and erroring based on that, until I find the right setting? And for the bit rate setting, it would be 2 pins to the ground, ya, to correspond to the 2 switches?

Thanks for the info. Will probably just leave the sot hooked up for now, was mainly curiosity. If you find the actual pin out, please post it
Is the first ASOT working on the TS MKII !?!?
yep, i use a sot mk1 with ts2.

they work perfect together,
but you do lose a few functions.
governor blacksnake
Infinity Curve
Thanks gov!!
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