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Karper - How to Play It?
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Author Karper - How to Play It?
Title says it all.

I want to like the damn thing, but I can't figure out how to work the thing in any controllable way.

I can get some beautiful tones if I hold my thumb on the copper edging and use the other hand to tap the largest of the pads. However, if my hands dry the least bit I lose the ability to play it... and they have to be an exact kind of damp in the first place to get it to go.

Two-handed playing? Haven't figured that out yet.

Mine acts like the touch inputs are hard gates - turn on/turn off and no decay to the note played.

Sandrodes in the center - are they just white noise?

I've three other bits of CL kit (dearcocodeer, plum2, and tetrax) that I love and can get to dance as I like - so I'm no stranger to oblique essays by P.B. regarding his instruments... and I've also had the benefits of others before me sharing their insights on this forum.

So - any advice on what to do with this thing would be greatly appreciated. I hope/feel something great is under the hood of the Karper if I only understood what to do.

Maybe mine was delivered fritzed and everyone else is having great success. Please educate me.

Here I thought it was just my problem. Well, maybe it is, but I'll wait for further evidence.

While waiting for community insights... I seek inspiration from
Gypsy Aliens... (local band...)... who knows, they may know something...

i don't find tocante very easy to play either, moist hands you get notes hanging, maybe it's a ciat thing but despite it's limitations (say compared to a mechanical device such as piano) I tend to work around those and play slow into a looper until I'm happy or just accept it may not go to plan.

Maybe we need to find the perfect hand cream, also try it from a wall wart or fully charged.
I recently got a Karper too, this youtube video does a really good job describing/showing how it "works"

i made this little clip of my Karper mostly just experimenting with finger pressure on a couple spots using both thumbs.
have you tried powering it from a wall wart? that keeps the ground connected, freeing you up for two-handed playing.
Thank you, mrbloor, smog, and Bartlebooth...

I did find that powering it from my power supply improved things considerably. Thank you for the reminder...

Has anyone derived something meaningful/useful from the central sandrodes? All I ever manage is noise...

Also, what do the two smaller pads on the outside of the larger pad do?

I do like the tonality of this device and will continue to work with it to make it more of an instrument for me.

I shall watch smog's vid and see if answers lurk there.

Thanks again.

Feel free to post your knowledge/discoveries here. Perhaps it will help the newly acquired.
smog wrote:

Nice....! Thanks for sharing the link.

That's the sort of soundscape I'm getting, too.
I just recorded how touching/holding down one of the outermost small squares, and then touching one of the internal bars located over and up one group sounds. seems like the internal bars located right next to the outside bars just sorta make noise but the group UP one do this when touching only one. hope that makes sense haha.

EDIT: with some saliva on my fingertips I was able to get that similar sounding arpeggio action by touching any of those dumbbell shaped inner bars when touching one of the smaller squares on the outer edge.
Some inspiration:

Does Tocante Karper make less aggressive sustained tone? I watched many Karper videos and when you play sustained note, the sound is very aggressive. It IS good, but it may be too loud and aggressive to play with less aggressive instruments so I'm wondering if it can make somewhat clean and soft sustained tone..
Karper can do soft sustained also but finding the right spot where you are barely touching it and play make melodies its not easy, but it can be done with some restraint and dry hands.
Thank you sungja, that's a good news! Now if I could possibly watch a demo of someone making soft sustained tone hihi
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