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TRM live jam videos
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Author TRM live jam videos

In September 2015 I started a youtube channel with a series of live jams. My goal is to make and upload a short video every week to explore and share some musical experiments, while working towards a new album. Genre is somewhere between drone, ambient and techno. Today I just uploaded nr 26 in the series, and I will go on for a while. Along the way I will make a selection to post and share here. Feel free to comment on anything you want, or ask me about anything you want.

Link to my channel:
Link to the full playlist: gSdXj
Not so much a jam. I recorded a self playing patch on a rainy Sunday morning. The recording lasts as long as one cycle of the slowest running LFO in the patch. Audio is recorded in one take, on one track as always, but my camera decided to stop recording after a few minutes. All shots with the same angle as the first and last synth shot are realtime, all others are not. I mixed in some views from my studio, and kept the ambient sound recordings. Some of the bird sounds are made by actual birds.

Patch description:
Main drone is a sine from the Dixie II through the uFold an MMG. Three slow running lfo's from the a143-4 and the triangle mix out are modulating folds, symmetry, frequency cutoff and resonance. Square from the same Dixie is running through the wasp filter, modulated with slow random voltages from Peaks.
Random out from the a118 is advancing the clock divider. Several divisions are triggering AD envelopes on the Quadra. One is hitting the strike input of the Lxd, with noise passing through. That output is send to the echo, which is modulated by a tri LFO from the MFB.
Other envelopes from the Quadra are send to 3 VCA's, allowing different modulation to go to the Dixie II's 1v/oct and FM input. And a ramp shape to a second Lpg on the Lxd with noise.

An experiment with some light Berlin school repetitive rhythmic sequences. Two voices are being sequenced with the Arturia Beatstep Pro, and one voice with a simple DIY 8step sequencer.

Nice and evolving sounds, deserves a bump smile
The power supply for my portable case arrived. I will probably experiment with some jams that might work in a minimal live setup in the future. Just a modular case and the Beatstep Pro.

The modular is creating two basic voices: 1 - Dixie II - uFold - MMG - Linix. 2 - a143-4 - Wasp - Linix. Kick and hihat are from Peaks in drum mode. Percussion is from noise and a tri at audio rate from the a143-4 through the Make noise LxD. All drums go through the Echo for random delays. There is a slow running Tri lfo going to both the filters. And some audio rate modulation is send through attenuators to the pitch from both oscillators. Final out is mixed with the output from Clouds.

I got joined by some extra hands in the studio. This is a short improvisation with Bert van Beek (Scheerling). We decided to start a new improv ambient / drone project, which we will call Heuschrecke from now on.

Another go with pretty much everything I have in the studio right now. Ableton is sending midi data to the Micro Korg (horn/organ) and Microbrute (baseline), as well as cv to the modular via the Beatstep pro. Midiclock is passing through the BSP to the er-1 and Korg Volca Sample.

Another Live jam with just my portable modular case. The jam became a little less compact than I wanted, but liked it enough to put it here. I made some patch descriptions, but I lost htem. Ill put them here if I find them.

A rather minimal glitchy ambient patch. Almost self playing, I just tweak the volume of some parts.

Patch description:

Kick: a143-4 triangle - a118 - Linix vca - Linix and a143 pitch are modulated with AD envelope from the Quadra. Clouds has a recording of some glitchy percussion scrubbed through with a random lfo from Peaks. a118 random out is advancing the a165 clock divider triggering the kick and hihat which is noise through a vca, opened with a one-shot tri lfo, cv modulated, from the MFB dual lfo. Long horn like ones are a square from the doepfer a143-4 through a Make noise MMG. Short notes are a triangle from the a143 through the Intellijel uFold and MN LxD. More noise is made the Dixie with lots of exponential and linear fm, through the Make Noise LxD, and the Synthrotek Echo.

This jam turned out to be one long calm buildup. Inspired by some classic Berlin school tracks, but with a bit more noise, and a little kick.

Looking for another way to create melodic sequences without a sequencer. Here is a try with a quantizer fed by an unsynced, attenuated squarewave lfo.

Patch description:

volca sample is the kick, konk and klang smile Modular is the hats and noise. There is one steady low drone from the Doepfer a143-4 through the wasp. The main voice is the Dixie II through uFold and MMG. MMG cutoff and Dixie II fm are modulated by two sine lfo's from Peaks. The 1v/oct comes from the Doepfer a156 dual quantizer fed by an unsynced, attenuated squarewave lfo. The pitch is controlled by opening and closing the attenuator.

I like this one, what were you using for reverb?
Thanks for listening!
I use a TC electronic m350 for pretty much all my reverb, and some delay.
some cool stuff here, really like the portable case, it's nice and compact and looks stylish and good quality..
Thanks for watching! I am very happy with the case. It feels like the modular is more like an "instrument" if that makes sense, then it was before in the Doepfer lc9. Plus I can easily take it with me and perform.
Together with Bert van Beek I made some new recordings for our ambient improv project Heuschrecke. Live jam#49

Had your videos running in the background while noodling around on the interweebs for the last half an hour or so, really great jams!
Glad to hear you appreciate it. Thanks for listening smile
Fantastic, thank you for sharing!
About a year ago I started a YouTube channel to experiment with new ideas, and force myself to make, record and share at least one piece of music every week.

Since then I have uploaded fifty live jams. I kept going because I really enjoy making music, but the views, likes and positive comments made it a lot more fun and stimulating.

To celebrate this one year anniversary, the 50 jams, 500 subs and 50.000 views, I made a compact album with six live jams, including the 50th. It is available for download on Bandcamp for free, or, if you wish to support Monotrail, against a donation of your choice.

Killin it! Rockin' Banana! (where's the banana w patch cables?)
Another long buildup and release. A lot of post rock influence in this one, but no guitars, and some Philip Glass organ in the distance.

great pieces
really cool concept. Very breathable music if that makes sense? smile
A slow evolving peace that feels a bit like it should be in the middle of something. But I liked the sound enough to make a jam out of it.

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