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Ezhi and Aka
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Author Ezhi and Aka
strange tales
Just trying to show some love for one of my new favorite builders that popped up. It's two dudes from Russia who are making some absolutely wild and wacky shit. I can't describe things for shit so the videos will probably be more helpful.

They also do a handy deposit system so you can put down a little bit now and pay the rest when he ships the pedal out. Alexey is one of the nicest dudes I've ever met honestly.
I need to get a Tape. There is one on Reverb currently for cheapz.
Cant say enough about Ezhi and Aka, I am slowly replacing all my pedals with his stuff. Look at their webpage and you will get a little idea of what they are doing.

They are always looking to improve and take customer feedback very well. Questions, additions, mods - if aka can do it he will work it out.

They also say there will be 4-5 more designs coming out which is crazy considering its essentially one guy that builds/designs them. Few other pedal makers are doing stuff that is not only out of the box but also very practical.

iirc the fuzz and the modulation in the tape comes from the same IC chip which is crazy.
Love his stuff! So right up my alley!
They/he are taking pre-orders now for the new lineup.
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