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Schedule for the week of 3.21.16
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Author Schedule for the week of 3.21.16
3.21.16 Weekly Update:

Last week was all prep and we now have a whole slew of panels at the finish line. We will be screen printing and releasing the following on Monday evening:

Finally! 4ms SMR release:
We have the standard Murdered Out style in addition to a bunch of cool one-off custom polished steel and clear powdercoat prototype pieces. These will be offered to people in the order in which they were added to the "notify list", but it is first come first served and I think I have more people on that list than I have custom panels.

Elements - I have 6 of these panels that I'm trying to merge into a new style which is called "Charm" which focuses on White, Silver and Cream - more details next week.

Murdered out Peaks, Branches, Yarns, Orgone Accumulator, Clouds, Braids, 4ms SMR, 4ms VCA Matrix (only 2 of these), Links & Shades

Customs / Limited Editions: a few warps, Orgone Accumulator, A few one off Raspberry purple elements. Maybe Frames?

Raw Panels Arriving Next week
Warps, Rings, Chrome Turing Machine Expanded, Chrome Turing Machine Fully Expanded, Maybe a sneak peak at a new redesign Im working on for a FX unit. Till then enjoy my slew of Work In Progress photos
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