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x0xb0x metal enclosure?
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Author x0xb0x metal enclosure?
Anyone know where I could grab one of these? Been gigging my x0x and thinking this would be a better enclosure.
Maybe the guy running the beast website can help out:

You'll have to wire the two big capacitors on the I/O board to make it fit properly so you have to do a little soldering.
NLS wrote:

make sure your x0xbox fits the enclosure. I was told it requires very specific types of pots and everything, I sent a picture of the pcb and was told it doesn't fit unless I do quite lot resoldering (which was not worth the hassle). So better ask before buying.
There's this disclaimer...

x0xb0x Aluminum Enclosure Kit - Pimp your x0xb0x!

This is our full aluminum enclosure kit for your x0xb0x! Transform your x0xb0x into an all new machine with this kit! All parts are included as side rails, front- and bottom plates, screws and aluminum knobs! The plates are made from silver anodized aluminum with black silkscreening, absolutely scratchproof under normal use! Made in Germany. Klick on the picture on the left side to see an assembled machine. Please note: If you’re going to transform a x0xb0x from Mode Machines, Technology Transplant (chipforbrains) or TBS, it could be that it’ s not possible to use this kit because they use other components as specified in the Adafruit specs.

Paradigm X
ive got one of those aluminium enclosures - they are very tight. the main problem is the two large PSU caps need to be put on wires, and then they just 'dangle' loose in there. not ideal tbph.

they do look great tho tbf.

I'll ask, but its a willzyx one so hopefully ok

Do you know where it's possible to buy x0xb0x frontplates for the rectangular knobs ? I can't find any. Thanks
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