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Introducing ADDAC221 & ADDAC222 CV-to-MIDI modules
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Author Introducing ADDAC221 & ADDAC222 CV-to-MIDI modules
Paranormal Patroler wrote:
How are you patching the module when you test? Which mode are the channels in?

I first noticed the problem in actual use with a v/oct signal to the CV inputs and a gate to the all notes off input ("why are my notes randomly being cutoff on my midi synth?"). While troubleshooting, I completely unpatched the module and just monitored the midi output - the problem happens even with the module completely unpatched!

I usually use the "blinking light" mode, but I tried it in the "led off" mode too, with the same result.
Paranormal Patroler
Give me some time and I'll test things on mine. I don't know why you have this issue. Would you mind sending me a PM so we can arrange for a Skype call on this?
Just got a 222 today from Analogue Haven! Upgraded the firmware to the brand-new B5 version.

Definitely seems like it could be a game-changer for me! I've always wanted to be able to "play" my polysynths from something other than the keyboard or a basic sequencer, and in my quick tests controlling a Wavestation it seems like this comes really close to what I was hoping for, and is in some ways even more powerful than I'd desired (but not really in ways that makes it overly complex).

I think I have figured out modes 1 & 2 pretty well, but I am still a bit confused on mode 3, the gated mode, which is apparently new in this firmware (though hinted at previously here). Using it for mono stuff it makes sense (note is held until gate is released), but I am not quite sure how to use it with multiple voices, and to sustain them, particularly with the pushbutton.

Also, what's the expected behavior when you have two (or more) of the four sections assigned to the same MIDI channel? (Sorry if I missed something skimming this thread.)

Too bad it is so brutally hot in the house this evening, or I'd be spending more time exploring it!
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