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They all die in this one
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Author They all die in this one
Infinity Curve
I dig it.

What were you using?
Infinity Curve
Main sounds are Piston honda mk II(most of the glitchy stuff)and Kermit( the 'lead' part) and Twinpeaks(pinged woody sounds) patch is being driven mainly by ERD Sir and Benjolin, with URA and Triple sloth helping out. Benjolin occasionally creeps up to audio range here and there. Kermit and PH are mixed with benjolin through BioninLester, outputs to Double andore mk II , droning with cycling envelopes doing some fast AM and xmoding between a and B, mix out to mixer. All of the pitch elements are being driven by the Erd sir and rungler on the benjolin. Erd sir is also modulating benjolin, and vice versa. So ya, lot's of mults, lots of cross modulation

Ekdahl Moisturizer and El Capistan on sends on my mixer, bit of Valhalla Room on the stereo mix in Ableton, just recorded in one take. Pretty much hit record and went for a smoke, the patch did the rest, I didn't touch it the whole time it was recording
That's really good. Cheers!
Infinity Curve
Thanks for the kind words, I enjoyed making it. Really like the interplay between the elements and how it all ebbs and flows together over time.

Was my first patch with the ERD SIR, well impressed.
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