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Juno 66 mod request (NYC Area)
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Author Juno 66 mod request (NYC Area)
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone in the New York City area (I'd be willing to drive it to most places on the east coast), would be available/interested in doing a juno 66 mod for a decent price? Each repairman/repair-shop that I've contacted is generally in the ~$100 to initially look over the synth and then ~$125 an hour on top of that. I'm not sure how many hours this mod might take, as I have no experience on that front, but if it takes 3 or more than it's almost getting to the price I paid for the synth itself (when including the cost of the kit itself).
Either way I figured I'd put out a feeler and see if anyone is interested in doing this/has more information on the time it might take someone to do this mod.

Also, maybe this should be in BST, in which case I will delete the post/move it/etc, but since I'm also kind of asking about how long this mod will take for an experienced hand, I figured this might be the better place.

Thanks all

on our website we have a list of synth techs who are known to install the mod, and have experience installing it (less hours)

We install it in about an hour, but of course others might be faster or slower..
Perfect, I think I may have found someone to do it.
And, per your site, kits seem to be back in stock in three days. Can't wait.
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