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SH-1oh1 issue
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Author SH-1oh1 issue
Hi Tubbu

I've installed Sh 1oh1 nr 61 and 63
Nr 63 works great in my own 101
Nr 61 has problems:

Every key produces the same note
It would not update

(works with midi notes, config menu lights up ect.)

Ive measured both and they measure the same in terms of power and connections.

There are differences in the synths:
63 seems to be in a early version of the 101 (white cable by the cpu, no bodge resitors) no serial nr
61 serial nr: 224xxx middle? version (no white cable, a couple resistors and two caps bodged in there)

Im at a loss

the easiest way to determine, if the fault is in the SH-1oh1 or if it is due to differences of the SH-101s would be to put #61 into the other SH-101 and see if it is working.

So, if you play the synth via the keyboard, it always plays the same note. Can you find out which one by any chance?

Am I understanding this correctly: If you play it via midi, it does work correctly?
If you set sustain to max, can you hear a note, even if no key is pressed?
I found the problem, it was either IC11 or IC9 (both had slight acid fume damage) i properly bumped while installing the chip. i replaced both and now it's back to working order Rockin' Banana!
happy to hear that, have fun with the mod
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