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A good deal?? (frac n00b)
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Author A good deal?? (frac n00b)
Pretty sure this would be a good deal working condition or not, but I don't know anything about PAiA.

Listed at $300. They say they haven't tested it. They clearly have no knowledge about synths either.
I refuse to call the PAiA 4700/2720 system frac but that's neither here nor there. I love the old PAiA systems but this would be a terrible first system unless you really want to learn about electronics. If you want to get a first modular system you'd be way better off buying used, more recent, modules and assembling a system. Hell, I don't even see an oscillator on this system unless you count the noise source.
..I'd also say $300 is probably a little more than this system would go for on ebay.
Well, thanks for the info! haha. I have some 5U modules, I just literally couldn't tell wht anything was in this picture, and I don't know anything about paia, so thought i'd ask a newb question. Worth a thought. Thanks!
No worries. As many know, I love the old PAiA stuff. I'd be hesitant to drop $300 on that system though. They may find a taker for it but it's going to be an investment in time for whoever buys it. There's a bit of a cult following for old PAiA stuff these days I'm finding but I think that price is about the ceilng of what they could potentially get for it on ebay.

The modules are, left to right ADSR, LPF, BPF, LFO/noise, balanced mod/VCA, ADSR, Env. Follower, power/bias/mult, "wing"/mult.

The PAiA 2720 LPF is probably the worst LPF on any system ever. hihi
If it's frac you are seeking, I have a full PAIA 9700 setup for sale, at the Synthrotek store in PDX. PM me if interested. Here's a horrible picture, since then i've added a Synthrotek 8-step sequencer:

reasons to love 4700/2720 stuff (which i do): nostalgia, and it's stubborn refusal to work as expected. that said, the lack of an oscillator in this particular collection makes if of very limited use on it's lone
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