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Ciat-lonbarde Fourses M4L Device
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Author Ciat-lonbarde Fourses M4L Device

forgive the double post:

I am a fan of Peter B's Eurorack modules. I have the Swoop, Denum and Sprott. I like them. I sold my Fourses because i needed room and felt i had enough chaotic stuff and i felt perhaps erroneously that the Denum was a single Horse/Fourse. So i made a version of Fourses for ableton after searching the max forum.

Here's the post:
"The Fourses consists of four bounds/bounce oscillators, stacked on top of each other so that their bounds are mutual. Imagine four bouncy balls in a greased perspex tube only wide enough to permit them to
travel along it. They bounce off of each other in the tube, and generate intricate but inter-related chaotic outputs"
This is a M4L device of the Fourses idea from Peter B of Ciat-Lonbarde. The Max code by: Wetterberg, Andrzej Kopeć, Rodrigo Constanzo. Converted lovingly by me for MaxforLive.

If you own a Shbobo SHNTH, press the orange button twice. If not you can click and drag the interfaces for the horses.

Ahaha I was planning on porting that over to Max for Live this weekend, so thanks for doing it first! Much appreciated.
Quick question: when I open up the fourses max patch, and start clicking on the pads, the random number generators (the rightmost inputs into your gen code) don't seem to be doing anything - they are always just set to zero. Is that the way it's meant to be?
yeah, you have to click and drag SOMETHING to get the chaos going.
IF you have a Ciat-Lonbarde SHNTH you can use it so get stuff chaosifying :-)
Otherwise just route a sequencer on it and it sounds pretty fun
Aha yeah that clicked once I checked out your post in the CL forum. I do really want a shnth. Are you enjoying yours?
LOVE it and just bought a Sidrax. A CocoQuantus for my Birthday :-)
great work. acts wacky and sounds really good..
oisin wrote:
great work. acts wacky and sounds really good..

thank you!

Enjoy it!
oh this is excellent.. how can I automate the pictslider ?
figured it out.. added 4 live.numbers 0. 10000. range and through some slow lfos on them smile outstanding!
Super. Share what you added this is just the first version, I'd love to see additions updates etc..


ya i've been modifying it a bit for 'playability' inside ableton (im on the road right now and dont have a controller - my beloved push2) - but getting meaningful sounds out of it

i'll clean it up a bit once Im off the road and post it here... so far though, it's fantastic and I'm loving it smile
Soy Sos
Bumping this thread and linking favorite MFL devices thread here.
Original Fourses link is gone BTW.....
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