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How smooth is the Hylander morphine ROM?
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Author How smooth is the Hylander morphine ROM?
So yeah, how smooth is the interpolation on the morphine ROM??? I know it isn't a Morphing Terrarium, but is it at least close?

Well, it's pulled and in a drawer (in foam and anti static bag of course) at the moment so I can't confirm, BUT my memory tells me that each bank of 16 waves is very very smooth. However, there are only 16 waves per bank so there isn't a ton of movement like the E350. Where I am NOT positive, though, is whether each bank starting point is smooth from the previous bank's start or end point; in fact, I seem to recall that they are not.

So where the Vector series, for example, can be joysticked around in the X/Y Bank/Wave space completely smoothly, I *think* that Morphine may be more discontinuous if you're moving from [Bank 2 Wave 10] to [Bank 3 Wave 10].

Less than helpful. Sorry. I WILL say that I chose to keep the Morphine and Vowels (and both Scale Quantizer ROMS) when I sold the Maxiwave, and I let the Vector 1, Vector 2, and Bosch Gardens go. YMMV.
yeah the morphine is smooth, i might even say TOO smooth. as there are only 16 waves, to avoid sudden changes, the adjoining waves have to be pretty similar in harmonic content. it's nice though. and yes, you can not scan through banks and waves. each of the 16 banks has a different wave "sequence". just sold mine!
Babaluma wrote:
just sold mine!

I hate you right now!!! cry
ha ha! yep, just sold my last digital module: frac miniwave with standard, socket rocket, scale quantiser and morphine ROMs. shipped it yesterday. gonna replace it with an stg wavefolder.
See my euro rack is 100% analog, I don't really care about my frac that way.
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