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ADDAC monster!
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Author ADDAC monster!
Just saw this on the website: monster-frame

Seems very interesting to me — tall rather than wide, solid power and aesthetically pleasing. Anybody have one, or are they not available yet?
Yhaa Saw this as well , and I am searching for a new case , a big one. So this seems like a good candidate and reasonably priced !!!

My main concern is how good the addac bus boards are ?
Are the Outputs : +12V regulated,- 12 regulated, +5V regulated ?
Low Noise, high stability ?

Anyone ?
Curious as well. Will likely buy this, but would like to know about any experiences with ADDAC power.
Had some communication with Addac, and it's 5000 mA on each rail. I'm guessing I would need (almost) double that confused

But they can accomodate any custom needs it seems.
Just put in an order. They charged a bit more (170 euro I think) to bring it up to 10a +/-
I'm eagerly waiting for mine.

And as I currently have a 9U/197hp with a total of 3600 mA. The ADDAC case will be more than enough for me.

May I ask what modules you have that puts the need for amps so incredible high up?

Kind regards
So this is my current rack:

As you can see it consumes 4020 mA on the +12V, with only 4 of the 7 rows of the monster case filled.
Bumply wrote:
Just put in an order. They charged a bit more (170 euro I think) to bring it up to 10a +/-

Would love to know what you think once it's all set up? Also please share some pics smile
Ttrev2k wrote:
Would love to know what you think once it's all set up? Also please share some pics smile

Below is an image of my recently-arrived Monster Frame, half loaded. To answer a few of the questions above:

- It's a hybrid switching-into-linear-regulator supply, with fairly large heat sinks on the linear regulators. I've not had the chance to thrash it and see how the modules behave, but everyone's powered up so far without issue.

- I too needed more power (for one, the eventual plan is for 6 Distings - 4 are mounted so far); I had the +12v capacity doubled to 10 amps. The extra price was very reasonable.

- The power supply does not normally supply +5v. I bought 6 of ADDAC's plug-in boards that add +5 (drawn from the +12 rail) locally to just that board.

- The ergonomics are really nice - the amount of curve was well thought out; the width to height ratio is comfortable. (I did have to order longer patch cables; a new batch is on its way from Black Market Modular...)

- The odd number of HP in the width is...odd. I only have a couple of modules that are an odd number of HP wide, so I'll be using some 1 HP and 3 HP blanks eventually.

- Does not ship with screws; have those handy. I used 3M x 8mm hex head bolts plus nylon washers. The threaded strips do not reach the full width of the case; each row is made up of 2-3 segments each - so it took a little bit of sliding and aligning initially when mounting modules, but then it went smoothly from there. The rails would be easy to remove and replace if you wanted to take out the threaded strips and go with sliding nuts instead.

- Shipping to the US was very reasonable, I thought - under $200. But the Monster Frame got beat up in shipping; I had to spend a few days making repairs. And my timing was such that Andre was on vacation when it arrived. But he sent a very helpful email today for my remaining issues. As a result, they will be changing their packing in the future. Also, mine - most likely because of the damage - had some flexing issues on the back panel in particular; I added a spine of aluminum angle which cured it.

hope that helps -

Not mine...but pretty cool build up!!! cool

ADDAC System
Building up a system from scratch is always an exciting time love
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