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Electronic Voyager EXTENDED INTERVIEW #1 - Herb Deutsch
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Author Electronic Voyager EXTENDED INTERVIEW #1 - Herb Deutsch
s o l v e n t

For those of you who remember I Dream Of Wires' IDOW Extended Interview video series that we posted online, in the lead-up to the film's release...

    Trent Reznor and Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails
    Carl Craig
    Richard Devine
    Modcan and Intellijel Designs Inc.

Check them out:

Well, we'll be continuing that tradition with our upcoming Bob Moog doc, Electronic Voyager. Our 1st preview video is an Extended Interview with one of Bob Moog's 1st and most important collaborators, Herb Deutsch!

It's online right NOW - if you've backed our Kickstarter campaign... We just posted an exclusive BACKER-UPDATE preview online. So if you've been thinking about pledging your support towards bringing our Bob Moog documentary to life, please join us on Kickstarter, for the first of several exclusive sneak-peaks:

Electronic Voyager on Kickstarter - April 25 - May 25:


Jason @ EV
s o l v e n t
Herb Deutsch - Electronic Voyager EXTENDED INTERVIEW #1

Michelle Moog-Koussa is on a journey to retrace her father’s footsteps, meeting some of the people who played a role in Bob Moog's story. Composer and educator Herb Deutsch was one of the most important. His pivotal meeting with Bob in the early 1960s lead directly to the development of the Moog modular synthesizer, which would form the template for the many synthesizers that followed.

I can't be the only one that missed the KS for this - is there a way to pre-order?
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