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What Exactly does the LZX Passage do?
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Author What Exactly does the LZX Passage do?
Please excuse my noobness. I know very little about This stuff.

But what exactly does the LZX passage do? What can I accomplish with this?
I have the Visual Cortex already and Sensory Transmitter.

I understand You are not to put in audio signals into the video because the difference in voltage can damage the gear. Does this allow for us to mix the signals?

Anyways any information would help a lot. Thanks
I think it's the new version of the Triple Video Processor, used in this video:
nerdware wrote:
I think it's the new version of the Triple Video Processor

I think so too. I was playing around with over the weekend, patching the Cortex ramps to the Passage and then patching the Passage back to the Cortex. I had more control over the ramps, like the video demonstrates (good video btw, thanks for sharing). I'm totally new to all this stuff as well, figuring it out as I go.....and videos like above help!
I found the video in this subforum, last year. While I've learned a lot from watching it, I've been frustrated not having all the modules used. Well, not for much longer - this one is already back in stock. thumbs up
So this is from the FAQ section:


Yes. Any audio source or control voltage can be patched directly into the 3.5mm input jacks on LZX industries modules without fear of damage. LZX modules respond to a signal range of 0V to 1V, which translates to 0% to 100% brightness of a color channel, or 0% to 100% of a controlled parameter like a key threshold. So in some cases, you may wish to attenuate the incoming voltages to better translate to the range. For multiple channels of 5V to 1V attenuation, we offer the Voltage Bridge."

So my understanding if you cant just mix and match any input/output with audio and video. The LZX Passage has this in the description:

"The signal path is suitable for mixing any type of signal, including video, audio and low frequency sources."

DOes this allow us to mix the ins and outs of the audio and video?
in some regards most any module will find a way to "mix" audio and video signals together, if we use the term mix in a vague enough manner. (i like to use the term this way, because we see signals and don't hear them.. a big difference)
this module takes care of a simple mix, but acts primarily more as a voltage processor. for gain and bias of a signal.

you can put audio signals into anything in the entire synth. ultimately as it was mentioned, you'd rather attenuate/bias from bipolar to unipolar 0-1v. but you don't have to.
but anything can go direct. but signals will loose their gradient get chopped into square waves. (if that makes sense)

a mixer will mix signals (QVAM/TVP/VBM). a vca will multiply signals(TVVCA/TVFKG). a fader will "mix" signals(TVFKG/HEX). FM/CV inputs influence signals in a way that ultimately can represent the footage at the FM input(TVMMF/VWG/everything). and the mapper finds more complex ways to mix signals(CSM).
passage is the update of TVP.

not the most interesting module in the world. but it is very important to have the basic utilities. depending on your workflow you could have one of these per row of a system. but you should definitely have one!

You can use this module to adjust gain(positive or negative) and bias of a signal. and mix it with another signal which comes in direct.

gain can be considered brightness. which is comparable to volume in the audio world.

(come to think of it.. i want one of every module in every row)
BTW, the Cadet series has a Processor that appears to be a third of the Passage. You can study the schematic to see exactly how that module works. If the Passage is just three Processors behind one panel, that may help answer your question.
Just ordered one of these today! Super excited to finally be able to mix modulation in with my VWG hyper
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