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UK repair shops?
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Author UK repair shops?

Can anyone reccomend or suggest any UK based repair shops for analogue gear. I am based in the West Widlands / Worcestershire area and would prefer somewhere local but I do travel a lot or could post.


You could ask the guy at EMIS.

read something alright about these:

Ive not used them though...
Kent Spong is one of the best in the business. Top guy too. Dunno how cheap he is though.

Went his his house once. CS-80s everywhere and he had an Elka Synthex in the toilet. Mental. eek!
You could try emailing Norm Leete - Peter Forrest and others have recommended him and he's somewhere in Gloucestershire (I think).

EMIS is good too, yup!

I mailed recently with this guy Steve Lenham - seems like a good guy so maybe worth a check - but he's in Kent.
This thread is actually incredibly useful. I need to repair an Alpha Juno and finding a synth tech in Edinburgh is near on impossible.

Never thought of EMIS. Got to call them anyway, so I'll see what he says.
thanks guys
Very useful as I have a Roland 184 that needs a good service.

I'm sending my Juno to EMIS next week. He seemed pretty confident about being able to sort it. Doesn't seem too expensive either.

Will let you know how I get on.
Thee Loving Hand
How did you get on with Juno being repaired by EMIS?
James Walker? I know the waits can be long, but he's regarded as a pretty good guy to deal with. Also for those in the south east, synth restore has a very good reputation as well. Had a great service from delatronics once, but he's relocated to Brazil to service space echoes .... seriously, i just don't get it
MrTea wrote:
Kent Spong is one of the best in the business. Top guy too. Dunno how cheap he is though.

Went his his house once. CS-80s everywhere and he had an Elka Synthex in the toilet. Mental. eek!

I won't comment on other stuff as I'm not an expert, but I must warn that EVERY EMS device I could see "serviced" by Kent Spong had problems : poor calibration not to say no calibration at all, serious issues due to errors, some that even a schoolboy won't commit, obvious misknowledge of the instrument's features and expected peformance, alien components, unsuccessful meaningless attempts to fix a fault, bloated and leaked electrolytic caps left in place etc etc...

If you are looking for a good reliable tech in UK, Lucidsounds / Keith Kniveton is worth a call.
+1 for Keith, the man is tops! He's repaired a Pro One and MS-20 for me before and recently sorted out an issue with non e Buchla module. He's probably one of the best people in the world to work on EMS stuff. Also th only person in the UK I would go to for Buchla stuff. Not got enough good stuff to say about him. Not sure if he would like his contact details all over the nets so anyone looking to contact Keith can PM me.
Paradigm X
Tony Allgood, aka Oakley Sound also does repairs.
Paradigm X wrote:
Tony Allgood, aka Oakley Sound also does repairs.

I normally do but I'm knocking it on the head the time being. I've got a whole bunch of ideas and half finished designs for new modules and other stuff that I'd like to make real.

I do have a waiting list and I will be continuing to work through that. Don't worry Ben - you're still on it. But I shan't be adding to the list for now.

I'd also recommend Keith Kniveton (Lucidsounds) and Andy Jury (Synth Prof).

Paradigm X
Thats actually great news Tony thanks. More Oakley designs! w00t

Id kind of put the repairs to one side tbh, the boiler (and washing machine) dying kind of left me a bit broke, im waiting to see if im going up near you some point.

Yes, i got Synthprof to do my 909 he was superb. hes also fixed my mates mc202 and did some mods for him.
+1 for Andy Jury (Synth Prof). Has repaired quite a few synths for me and fitted CHD midi kits to my MonoPoly and CR78
bit of a journey for you maybe, but i can only say great things for Rob Hukin down in Brighton. fixed my old space echo a few times at a *very good* price
Adrian at Synth Restore, Bedford.
Will need a UK synth tech very soon as i need to fix my ...
banged-kicked-in-the-postage Roland MKS7 .

If anyone knows anyone local (im in Winchester / Hampshire) that would be great.

However the info in this thread is good as I was looking for a list of UK synth techs like this and could not find it.
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