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Blacet MIDIverter Sale
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Author Blacet MIDIverter Sale
From the Blacet List:

"The Rev A MIDIverter now features 14 bit D/As for even more note accuracy!

The usual feature set is unchanged:
Note Out
Gate Out
Pitch Bend Out
Velocity Out
User Selected CC Out
Sequencer Clock Out
Sequencer Gate Out
Sequencer Reset Out
Programming button for instant channel, low C and CC out selection

Other features selected via CC messages:
LFO Rate, Type, Depth
Pitch Bend Range
Arpeggiator on, off, latch, clock source
Sustain, Legato on, off
Sequence start, stop, continue, tempo

Order now and get a $40 off on the kit and a $34 off on the assembled version.

Quantities limited. Limit two per customer. Sale expires without notice."
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