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AM8105 Super Jx Filter
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Author AM8105 Super Jx Filter
For a fairly short time today I noticed there was a few of these available at the amsynths store and I nearly pulled the trigger. I can't find any demos and hardly any discussion about this filter. Anybody have any experience with it? thoughts? links?
I guess I bought the last one yesterday... There's not a lot of video or audio demo's out there for most of the AMSynths modules since there are never a lot made. I have quite a few and while some of them have a quite pronounced character some are a bit more gentle. One thing they have in common is the high quality, superb modules!
Thanks for the reply, Smartbits. I've got an 8109 and I really like it. I generally prefer the 12db setting and my other filters are 12db, so I wasn't sure if I should go for the 8105. Anyways, if you wouldn't my posting some thoughts on it after you've spent some time with it, I'm still curious. Especially about it's high pass modes.

What I really would like to try is the 8060, though I know it is 24db low pass. I really like the demos I've heard of it. I've check regularly since last fall and haven't noticed any in the shop.
Yeah, I'll let you know when I've spent some time with it, sadly because of a busy month that won't be soonish... The AM8109 is very nice indeed, I built 2 of those but in the end went for a factory-made one. But I must say that I like the AM8060 a bit better as it is more versatile with the highpass mode. My favourite is still the AM8328 though, the Mirage filter, that's something special. we're not worthy
There's a couple of these in stock at the moment
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