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Studiologic Sledge sysex librarion - Sledgehammer
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Author Studiologic Sledge sysex librarion - Sledgehammer
Do a search for "Sledge Forums" and you get KVR "King Korg vs. Sledge" and this forum. Oh well, I think it would be appropriate to post here about an editor I just finished for the Sledge I call "Sledgehammer". You could probably use it for the Blofeld as well (with a little modification) since I allow you to open/send Blofeld sysex files to the Sledge.

Regardless, the whole thing is editable because that's really the point. It's a sysex librarian for the Studiologic Sledge, and there is a second page that has some of the controls for the Blofeld. The engine was written in Java, but I use a compiler called JET to create a native engine for each platform (and optimize the code). The scripting in the project is a combination of Java and javascript, so it should be easy enough to comprehend.

Here is the link to download the whole editor that includes the project file called "Sledgehammer.rte" (in the "Examples" folder). I created the whole thing, and while the RTE3 (Run Time editor 3) is a product, I allow everyone to use it for free:

(Windows or Linux)
RTE3 Downloads

Here are two images of the project gui:

Sledgehammer 1

Sledgehammer 2

There are many features in this project that you will not find in the StudioLogic app (like editing the name), and a few things that are different/missing. Hopefully, it is (at least) useful, and it is editable.

A word of warning about sending Blofeld sysex...they don't always translate to something useful. In fact, make sure you protect your ears and speakers just in case. I cannot find (or get) the sysex parameter mapping for the Sledge, otherwise I could make it more useful. If anyone has it, please get it to me, or you can edit the project yourself.

This librarian is actually a good template to use for the foundation of any librarian, and I plan on modifying this for a Slim Phatty librarian (another new piece of equipment in my studio). Make sure you read the "Help" in the project itself for more details.

Feel free to email or pm smile

zaphod betamax
After install, it says NO MASTER key found.
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