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What to do with R-53 and R-54
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Author What to do with R-53 and R-54
We have run out of front panels for R-53 and R-54, so these types are discontinued for the time being. I have to decide whether it's worth the great expense to get more panels made (the sheet-metal company increased the price dramatically last year, plus they keep screwing up our orders). Plus the yellow powdercoat costs considerably more than bare aluminum. (The economics of euro modules are a bitch nowadays. The market is badly saturated and our sales are hurting.)

I'd like to move the R-54 to a smaller RK format. Perhaps have two versions: one specialized for use as a pitched drum voice, the other as a general filter/VCO. No, there will not be room for a VCA in the same module. Any interest?

Also wonder if the R-53 circuit (basically same as TS-21 and TM-1) has enough interest today to keep making a version. Not sure if it can be boiled down to an RK size module or if it would have to be a "special" thing like the R-56. Any interest?

We can still make some R-52, R-55 and R-57 so they will stay in the product line until used up. Again not sure if any of those are worth keeping around in another form. R-56 uses a FPE panel so we can keep it around for a long time to come.
Yes Powder
As someone wh has gone from owning no Metasonix to owning the entire R-series plus a S-2000 in less than a year, this is sad to hear. I would like to get another R-54 at some point; but first I want another R-55, and I need a bigger case before I can even consider purchasing either.
The R-53 is still one of my favorites, but I can understand how it might be intimidating to some people. And if they're just not selling, it's probably no use letting it drag you down.
On the other hand, I think splitting the R-54 into two separate modules in the RK series is a pretty cool and practical idea; I'd probably get one or both, depending on their functional differences... once again, after I get a bigger case.
As for the yellow powdercoat, I'd be sad to see it go too, but I certainly understand how stuff like that can be expensive. If I lived closer and it were at all financially practical, I'd offer to do it. I'm very trainable, and would work for not lots!

Again: sad to see two awesome things go out of production, but I'm for it if it means you get to continue making new things. You're the reason I got into this moneyburner of a hobby, and if you disappear, I'll have to go back to heroin! Miley Cyrus
I really like the idea of the R-54 turned into RKs of two types but frankly I'm not that much into eurorack, which is in part why I have an S-2000 for example and just a handful of modules and I'm not sure lately of how much more I really would want except more or less a duplicate of what I already have... The RK-series could be an argument for expansion, I think the R-54 drum and filter will start giving that line a promising shape. 3 RKs to have the "soundpath" of an S-2000, is tempting. A mini-D-2000 with 3 RKs, pretty cool.

Why aren't you releasing any new pedals or fx-boxes that work well with synths(eurorack included)? Don't these products still make sense too?

I really love the square stompbox and adhesive label packaging of the F-1 (which I noticed you also did as a custom box for the RK2) - What's the interest/possibility of making a stompbox based on the R53/TM1?
I know the reason I haven't gotten a R53 is because of a visual preference for a TM1, just because that kind of sound mangling really favors a physical experience - a block of metal with beefy 1/4 jacks that you can toss around the room!

I love eurorack for metasonix oscillators, but if you're outta faceplates, would love an FX box of the 53.
EPTC wrote:
What's the interest/possibility of making a stompbox based on the R53/TM1?

Possible, depends on more people expressing would have to be preceded with some kind of preamp, because people will buy it and plug their guitars in, no matter how many times you warn them it won't work with guitar....
yellow was sunshine
Would yellow anodized aluminum face plates be a cost effective option?
I think that re-imagining some of your modules as stand alone tabletop processors would be a great idea. It sucks to see an innovative company lose out because of the crazy saturation of the market. Between vactrols and faceplates, it sounds like it's been rough.

I'm just a guitard luddite, but maybe rebooting the TX/TM format using R series circuits could be pretty interesting. Make it all line level compliant, and let people sort out how to use it themselves.

Seems to me that before people get into synths completely, they look for ways to interface their existing instruments, recording studio, and gear with the idea of modular patch-ability. Hell, just look at all the pedal companies jumping into eurorack with a me too, me too kind of vibe.
I was about to ask about which module to get to get close to the sweepable filter in the KV-100 the 53 or 54. I was gonna thinking about popping em into a Pittsburgh Modular Patch box module, but if a guitar pedal format was made I would buy it in a hearbeat instead (and it would save me a lot of money).

I bought a EHX Tube EQ and while it can kinda get close it's just not cutting the mustard. Never maintain cash savings again
Yes Powder
Crowyote wrote:
I was about to ask about which module to get to get close to the sweepable filter in the KV-100 the 53 or 54.

I think I read in an older post that the filter in the KV-100 is an older version of the r-54's filter circuit.

I can say from experience that running guitar>R57>R54= Rockin' Banana!
It's quickly becoming (in studio settings, at least) a replacement for my IdiotBox Blasteroid pedal, which is a clone of the ESR (NOT EHX) Graphic Fuzz
Carl Hungus
The move to eurorack was completely understandable, but my 6 R-series are the main reason I have anything in that format (not a fan of euro anymore).

My subjective preference would be to have standalone boxes and instruments. In regards to the former, perhaps boxes aimed more for engineers and producers with input/outputs geared towards DAW/mixer I/O, instead of instrument and modular levels. Although I know existing Metasonix already runs at lower levels than some other modular products.
I'd also love a more modest guitar amp and preamp set that wasn't as crazy as the FF, as far as the build.

These are likely just pipe dreams, but hopefully eurorack isn't the only game in town.
Carl Hungus wrote:
... My subjective preference would be to have standalone boxes and instruments. ... hopefully eurorack isn't the only game in town.

Same opinion over here
Could you get non-yellow panels for the R53/54s? Then just include a yellow sticker or something. I know people prefer the yellow, but switching it up wouldn't deter me from buying future modules.
i don't really like eurorack too but for metasonix r series i buy a power system for eurorack and some other utility modules
may be if one day i'm more fortunate i will change and buy standalone but for the time my system is quite great
Oh this looks like a killer fat-banana prototype of a stompbox pedal.

just saw this thread...
i would be very interested to have the r54 and r53 in RK size!!
If hope for newer stuff to happen, I like the idea of more standalone/ instrument type pieces. I only have the f1 so far, but it's deep in itself and something that interacts with the guitar like that would be great.
i bought my second R54 (before it will be sold out) and now have in my system 2 R54 one R53 and one R52 plus some utilities

now i will have least interest in eurorack if metasonix produce less eurorack but i will certainly buy stand alone
i would be interested in a smaller r-54er module! very interested!
the colour is not important, sound is.
I'm not Into the eurorack-scene either, have the D1000 and love it! Would love some esoteric metasonix stompbox to go with it! Missed out on the assblaster, seems like a really cool device!
FWIW, remember that standalone will cost more. Just sayin.

Working on new pedal now. More soon.
Really sad to hear! i finally grabbed both R-54 and R-53 together with the R-55...plan to get rest of the R soon.

I really hope you could keep up the R series alive, this is truly unique and one of the reasons i was originally drawn to eurorack and the sound coming out of this babies is second to none!

really love the yellow monsters hope your sales will eventually justify doing more!

maybe also with the new doepfer psu3 it will be easier for people to justify the buy...

Any way thanks for this gift to the sonic world, I'm really happy i had the chance to grab those (:
Please make a RK2 version of the R-53 (rather the tm-1) with the tm-1's beam tube screamer!!!! I can live without the Ringmod Carrier / tuner w00t
DohaK wrote:

maybe also with the new doepfer psu3 it will be easier for people to justify the buy...

The psu3 runs the R55 without a sweat. I have the PMS6 case and it runs all 6 of my mungo 5v as well with an R54 and RK2. It's a must buy for anyone looking into getting an R55.
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