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[SH-1oh1] Feature Idea - software VCA offset to remove click
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Author [SH-1oh1] Feature Idea - software VCA offset to remove click
Seaweed Sound
My SH-101 has a noticeable click at note on in the VCA section (to be clear this occurred when it was stock and is NOT a result of the Tubbutec upgrade).

Apparently there is a location on the PCB for a VCA offset trimmer which Roland never installed at the factory:

Since the CPU is feeding the VCA CV it might be possible to implement an offset trimmer in software as a system setting to remove or minimize the clicking of the VCA.

Should probably just do the hardware mod, but it's an interesting idea for Tubbutec.
Thanks for the idea..

The SH-1oh1 hardware can only increase the gain of the VCA, not decrease it. So assuming a normal distribution of the offset, only half the people could benefit from such a feature.
Additionally I am not sure if the SH-1oh1's resolution is good enough to support such a fine adjustment.

I agree : You should just install the trimmer smile
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