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Author G&L
i've always wanted a G&L guitar, and am close to getting one now. i think it will be an S-500.

i think i'd also like a Suhr. but that one will probably be a T-type if i ever get around to getting one.

what are you favorite G&L guitar models? and what do you like the most about them?

G&L's are my favorite guitars!

I've got a '80 L1000
'83 SB1
and 84 SC2

I also took my strat and s-500-ified it with MFD's and the PTB tone controls.

The real magic is in the electronics. Those MFD pickups are awesome sounding, you have to be a bit careful because they're hotter than most single coils. So you really need to use the volume control much more than a Fender. If you're a dime everything kinda player, you might not get the best sounds...

The tone controls are also pretty interesting. The S-500 models have a Treble and Bass stack, which makes for much more flexibility getting tones.

IMO, they're the best guitars Leo ever made.
I love my L-1500 bass.

It has an extra SB-2 pickup and active/passive Bartolini 3 band preamp.
All shielded internally too.

Rockin' Banana!
I had an L-1000 bass, amazing instrument, unfortunately it was stolen. I actually bought a 2nd to replace the first as I was such a fan, but it got lifted too sad banana
Both were '80 or '81 and had maple fingerboards, which I really loved.

I have a 1980 F-100 (mahogany body, ebony fb) and it is one of my favorite guitars.

One thing I like about both the guitar and bass is that they have interesting tone circuits (treble cut and Bass cut) and great, loud pickups, but remain passive. I also like the classic headstock.
phase ghost
Check out the G&L Fallout. Played one a while back, and was really impressed. P90 in the neck, humbucker in the bridge. Had a very Fender feeling neck on it that was just a hair thinner than a modern C.

I ended up with an Ascari with dual P90's, but sorta wish I went with the Fallout. The Ascari with dual humbuckers would be an awesome shredder guitar, if that's your sorta thing.
Love G&L. I've got an '84 L-1000, and a '90 ASAT (now ASAT Special). These two basically killed all my guitar/bass GAS, and I'd be perfectly happy with just these two. The jumbo MFD pickups on the ASAT are hands down my favorite pickup.
asat custom is my only guitar. on one hand it isn't perfect, but on really is perfect for me.
honestly i think these days my three cold dead hands hardware studio tools are the asat, sh101 and cr78. most of my music comes from those three.

head over heels love.

will consider a g&l bass at some point if i start being in closer physical proximity to one or more.
w00t well i've gone & ordered an S-500 in clear lemon-drop over swamp-ash finish with a maple neck! i almost went with honey-burst, but was worried that would look too pretty so that i'd be forever afraid of scratching it. i think this one will be perfect for me. i'll post a picture and sound-byte or two once it arrives...

i've been mostly playing an epi LP with seymour duncan JBs ever since my old 90s strat got nicked. it's ok, and has nice sustain. but i missed the comfortable strat body & neck shapes as well the wham-bar. i'm tremendously looking forward to the MFDs! Rockin' Banana!

phase ghost
Congrats on the purchase!

I'm curious, is there a reason you didn't pick up a Fender Strat? Since that's essentially what you bought, but a G&L.

Miley Cyrus
love that bass, Cat-A-Tonic! we're not worthy

phase ghost wrote:
I'm curious, is there a reason you didn't pick up a Fender Strat? Since that's essentially what you bought, but a G&L.

S-500 has MFDs and the extra pickup modes. so it's not a straight-up Stratocaster remake (which the G&L Legacy model more or less is).

It is going to replace a Fender Strat that was stolen. But (this time) when I started thinking about a replacement, I happened to remember how extra-nice the G&L guitars I've tried in the past always sounded and felt to play. And so....

numan7 wrote:
I happened to remember how extra-nice the G&L guitars I've tried in the past always sounded and felt to play.

I tried a bunch of different basses from many different manufacturers before buying this one.

G&L thumbs up
My main guitar has been a '99 Legacy in Seafoam Green. The thing is a tank and one of the most reliable instruments I've ever used. Their trems are some of the most well behaved in existence. The S-500 is going to give you years of enjoyment.
Cat-A-Tonic wrote:

Miley Cyrus


I´ve got a 1978 American PBass and I wanna trade it for something of that sort.
Rockin' Banana! and here it is...

Lotsa Love it's sooooo awesome to play - the way it feels like an extension of your body (makes a LP seem like a banjo). and even without much callousing on my fingers the maple neck feels like silk - it just sings from every fret!

Phyllis Fender wrote:

G&L was founded in 1980 by Leo Fender. His purpose was to provide musicians with instruments which reflected his latest thinking, and of a quality and standard of performance of which he could feel proud.

G&L stands for George and Leo, George being George Fullerton, Mr. Fender's close associate in guitar engineering since the late 1940s. Until his death in 1991, Mr. Fender, working closely with Mr. Fullerton, designed the instruments, created the methods and engineered many of the tools used in building G&L guitars and basses.

Leo Fender was inducted into the County Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was, in the opinion of musicians all over the world, the most innovative and influential American designer of musical instruments in the 20th century.

good work buddy!
we're not worthy thanks dude (which neck shape do you have on your ASAT, btw?)! here's another...

The Agonizer! at home in the studio... i think she is saying, her trem-rod pointing at me accusingly, 'now clean this damn mess up, numan7.... or dont'cha love me enough?' (hides)

i don't honestly know the name of the type of neck shape. i bought it used and was gambling basically. very glad i did but it is a little bit mysterious as i am not a guitar type/part/setup guru. just play. willful ignorance for better or worse.
The Grump
My first bass was a G&L L-1000, that had the pickups replaced with a 1/4 pounder P, and some shitty Yamaha blade. I replaced the rear with a custom spun Bartolini triple coil, and a custom EQ system built around a TCT. Put about $2000 into the neck between ripping the frets out a couple of times, getting it refretted, and getting it coated with some crazy polymer, and reshaped. It was stolen from me as soon as I moved to SF. That was in '96. I even remember the serial number. B003595 waah

I have two electric basses and my upright. One of them is a Schack Unique 6, and the other is a USA L-2500 that I put a whammy bar on, replaced the rear pickup with a 1st-gen Q-Tuner, and swapped out the stock pre for a Bart TC-5, with stock passive EQ and a bypass for the pre, so that any time I want, I just flip to the MFD in the front, go passive, and that L-1000's tone is sitting right there in my hands.

For production instruments, that handle the meat and potatoes, and throw something just a little better in, you're going to be hard pressed to find better than George and Leo's handiwork.

The Beast, just before the Q-Tuner went in.
I bought a used Fender Jag one time that had some of the big single coil MFDs in it. Have to stay it sounded wonderful and warm, maybe more so than my Jazzmaster. Regret losing it now
I have a G&L SB-2 that bought about 2 years ago. Best bass I have ever owned, but admittedly I have only owned 4 previously and they have ranged from very cheap crap to reasonable. Before the G&L I was playing a Yamaha BB415 but I ended up never using the low B string so I wanted a reasonable 4 string again. My local guitar shop had brought in a bunch of G&L guitars, but they were way to expensive and sat on the racks for ages. No local advertising for G&L and no awareness meant they weren't going to shift. Eventually they just wanted to get rid of the stock, and they slashed the prices. I tried one, wasn't super impressed but all the reviews and forum posts I read said G&L are fantastic. The internet has never let me down before so I bit the bullet and bought, took it to a proper guitar setup guy and it made a massive difference. The local guitar shop had never bothered to set them up properly, the action was all weird and intonation was way off. Now it plays beautifully and sounds amazing.

The best part though was the case it came with. Completely unexpected, and the certificate in the case was a cool touch. Maybe expensive gear normally comes with that sort of thing, but it was very expected.

That is my SB-2
Just picked up another US Legacy at a steal of a price

Thing is in mint condition, I can't understand why they sell so cheap sometimes. These things blow away the majority of Fenders that I come across
I really dig the SB-2.

2 volume controls only.

Bridge pickup adds brightness.
(kinda like a tone control but additive instead of subtractive)
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