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Digitech GSP 1101 thingy
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Author Digitech GSP 1101 thingy
I guess amp simulators are FX's processors? seriously, i just don't get it

Any way living in the Hotel Derelict, requires not making a lot of noise and
disturbing other peoples nod, which I completely understand .

So it's amp simulators, first pods and now the DIGITECH GSP 1101 are the object of my quest. please don't judge me I use real guitars,....
sometimes ,thought I really like my Variax with the National guitar simulation.

Sitting at the door of my apartment like a dog awaiting his masters arrival,
I pine for the FED EX guy to arrive, I 'm Jones'in' for new stuff!

gear slut....alas, I am compelled to purse spiritual renewal through
consuming luxury items that, in the end alway leave me feeling
empty, a withered shell. ambulance
Hi I'm spudeboy wilson and I am a gear'oholic. Guinness ftw!

any body have any experience with this thing?
Suburban Bather
Your post reads just as drunk as I am lol Have you ever considered just using a DI box, choice selection of overdrive, distortion, fuzz pedals, and a pair of headphones?
hihi so your joking, cool, applause

if I want to sound like the setup your describing
I have a piece of 12"x8' pine that I found, with some very nice stuff for specifically sounding not like an amped guitar. I use that setup for E-bow and ghosting and washes of delayed sound (think, the Cocteau Twins, Robin Guthrie, has influence some of my playing, though not to the extent that Hubert Slumland, Morphines slide bassist Mark Sandman and Son House have.)
Do you have any idea how loud the volume has to be to get feed back wearing the heads phones, not to worry though, I have created a setup that allows screaming roaring feedback at whisper volumes, it sounds like feed back because it is, with a benefi,t it's not deafening.

Having consciously labored for some twenty-five years to approach the shining brilliance of The King of Punk's Guitar sound, that would be Flippers Ted Falconi

who single handedly does for guitar playing what
Andre Masson did for painting

so.... yes I have been thinking about guitar sound, with the Obsessive Compulsivity of some one addicted to ketamine ( (an NMDA receptor antagonist. At high, fully anesthetic level doses, ketamine has also been found to bind to opioid μ receptors and sigma receptors)
however I digress, thank you for your well intentioned suggestion.
Please don't let my self deprecating humor dissuade from believing that I am fully committed to manifesting the gospel of the Church of the Misanthropic Nihilists through the creation of noise as a form and expression of unresolved inner conflict resulting in overwhelming level of self loathing and a mean streak of Neo-Dadaist humor
very frustrating did that answer your question? hmmm.....
Suburban Bather
applause That was awesome lol

You could just use a feedback pedal. Then you will not have to worry about using an amp and upsetting the neighbors.

I tried K once at an underground rave. For a few seconds I was convinced the police were raiding the party eek!
Well it arrived.

I set up plug in and recorded some of the presets of Amp presets

the sounds recorded well sat nice with a rhythm section
from Reason, drums and bass and well I'm pleased.
back out to the wood shed, is usually the path to improvement, yes?

my modified Chandler lap steel with the Dimarzio hot, hum cancelling, P-90 emulator, sounded suppa' ahhh , that's it.
the unit responded very dynamically
play soft clean play hard , very edgy, more practice required...

I will have to get the driver for the editing software that came with the unit

right now, I'm just cruising through the preset amps with the effects turned off
the on going research into the DIGITECH GSP1101,

coming from a back ground of black face super reverb my first amp, tweed deluxe, brown Naugahyde / brown knob small Fender amp (can't remember the flavor exactly
which model it was, small ), 60's bassman head, I am some what familar with the sound of some fender amps from the Silver era of Fender amps.
this in mind I began dinking around with the Fenderish presets of the
the preamp thingie was run through an FMC RNG 1775 compressor to keep the recording nice and clean. The recorder is a Boss BR 1200.

todays tests where based around the Fender Twin Reverb Amp.
The guitar is a Fender Ash boy telecaster with Dimarzio hum cancelling
Tele replacement pick ups.

Armed with a slide and bare finger tips ( no nails, pick or finger picks used )
the sound was full clean and very convincing,... convincing of what ?
the sound was that of a hum free Tele played through a clear clean amp.
nice bass mid and treble no boomy, boxy or harsh irritants.
the sound was open with nice but not exaggerated sustain
Notes had a precise attack and a bloom that was detailed and inviting.

The play back was only guitar with no other sounds to mask any aperiodic anomalies or other lack luster qualities.
I believe that the sound of the guitar was quit nice for bedroom studio recording. in a live situation with a drummer and bass player this sound would work just fine delivering smooth harmonically rich tones.
A second processor has been added to the Digitech GSP1101

Having spent the last year collecting gear to move from a traditional set of guitar sound and timbres for difficult or uncommon composition.
noise / industrial /factory floor / drones based on my time in a steel mill and as a machinist. This stylistic shifts have started to be apart of my vocabulary, ....
includingl a schizophrenic sounding take on the blues.
the Korg KP3 was purchased with the noise direction in mind. I have not loaded the editing software yet and have been getting acquainted
with the stock presets, many of the presets are a darn site further from vanilla than I had expected. I find this to be a very pleasant surprise.

I plugged my tele into a digitch 1101 and then into the KP3. Spending some time trying out different patches from the KP3 using a Bassman
simulation from the 1101.

A large number of settings would easily find a place in the experimental category of a guitarists arsenal of Fx's

Recording the dinking around with this set up, I was pleased with the quality of the sounds both mild and intense.
The filtering patches yielded some very atmospheric guitar sounds as in sounds like a guitar made out of tin cookie sheets or
a national resophonic guitar from a cartoon concerning a Martian juke joint. Sound tracks came to mind.
I stayed away from hardcore/metal sounds from the preamp and used the clean bassman through out the ramble.

I could hear the KP3 being used by modern guitarists playing out side the box of traditional or standard tonalities.
the possibilities of of designing ones own outside patches is enticing. weirder and weirder is always so tempting.
The basic characteristics of the guitar and preamp remained intact even when heavily tweeked by the factory settings of the KP3. Smearing of the signal did not occur, the processing effects surrounded the the signal with out smashing twisting or pulverizing the original signal.

These sounds aren't your fathers Stratocaster through a Fender Vibrolux.
My on going posts regarding this gear is not to denigrate the honorable tradition of a well made tube amp and an electric guitar.
it is the documentation of a search for sounds that convey an expanded vocabulary of less traditional emotional nuances
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