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Mutant Bassdrum - decay small range, dist on max only
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Author Mutant Bassdrum - decay small range, dist on max only
Hi! Just build my bassdrum, slightly concerned about a few things.

Firstly, my decay pot has a very small operating range. From about 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock goes from very short/clicky/tight decay to whatever I have the max set to via the trimmer (i.e. could be like a half second decay or self oscillating, it reaches that point here no matter what). So the top half and bottom quarter of the pot travel is completely dead - has no effect.

Similarly with the distortion. I have to have BD LVL, DIST.AMT and DIST.IN.LVL at max to get any distortion at all - then it sounds awsome. apart from that its clean like usual.

Lastly, the LEDs only light when things are on max levels. I've read that's common with prebuilts as well. Kind of a frustrating lack of blink though smile

Any ideas? I feel like the pots are the wrong values or something, but I measured all my components before soldering them, and these are definitely the correct values.
Hi I think the LED is working similar on mine.

As for the issues you have maybe you could post some pics of you boards?

It's good to check if there are any cold solder joints.
I'll pull it apart and take a few photos when I get a chance. I have been building stuff like this for over 15 years though, and have never had problems from bad soldering smile

I'll take some video as well to confirm it's not normal operation. It might just be how it is? I mean the functions seem to work fine, just the functional range of the pots is minimal.
After speaking with Stacy from Hexinverter, I can confirm that it is all functioning as expected. So my build was successful! smile

Decay issue is complicated, but the full range does have an effect depending on trigger speed, pitch and some other things.

Distortion behaviour is also normal and necessary to have a useful range on all inputs - it requires high settings for the drum, but lower settings are useful for different inputs.

The LED thing is normal.
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