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ADDAC 207 help needed
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Author ADDAC 207 help needed
Hi, I went through a lot a lof posts here and I also read the manual several times, but I do not seem to get the 207 working like I would and I have one problem that is not described anywhere. I am fairly new to modular synthesis so forgive my un-experience.

When putting for instance an LFO CV signal into input one, the quantizer is (when only the C key is "on") going through a range of 4 or 5 C's. Is there a function to clamp the range of the incoming CV signal to a defined set of octaves, like just one octave? Or should the CV signal from the LFO (spitting out 0-5V) be processed to 0-1V *outside* the 207? If so, what module could do that?

2. The main problem: I can not get quantizer channels 2-4 play different notes set for channel 1. As a test I do this:
– I tuned two oscillators as described in the manual.
– A CV signal is going into channel input 1.
– I set channel 1 to play a C (in for instance a Major C scale)
And from here it goed wrong:
– I press button 2 for a second and select for instance an "E" for the second quantizer output and press it again to confirm, the 207 returns to quantizer mode. (I check again by pressing button 2 again for a second, and yes, the E key is lit up, where the C key is lit up for channel 1).
The manual states that the two outputs should play a C and E respectively now and that is what I want of course. But they do not: both oscillators still only produces Cs. The same happens when setting different notes for channels 3 and 4.

I can not get my head around this. Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks, Boele
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