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Mu Panels for adsrvca
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Author Mu Panels for adsrvca
I was gonna start a build for this module but I wanted to get a MU panel for it but I cant seem to find a vendor. Or am I not looking in the right place?
The only one I know doing MU panels is Resynthesis but they seem to have temporarily closed:
Damn I know he is still doing stuff but it just takes a really long time, like 3-6 months sometimes. It's kinda one of those when it's done it's done type deals. I guess I'll just have to skip on doing any oakley stuff since I can't actually use it in my system.
Maybe a custom manufacturer like Analog Craftsman can help?
Or maybe even Megaohm or SSL (Doug Slocum).
peachfuzzmcgee wrote:
I guess I'll just have to skip on doing any oakley stuff since I can't actually use it in my system.

We're primarily a MOTM format based system here at Oakley Sound. Mostly because of the panels but also because of the depth of the modules - some of the new dotcom cases are way too shallow for my much deeper modules.

That said, plenty of people have DIY'ed MU Oakley modules and, of course, ready made versions are available from Krisp1. Indeed, once you factor in the price of all the parts you need to build one module, Krisp 1 is very good value for money.

MU panels can be made by buying a blank panel from Dotcom and then either dry decals, Dymo or printing onto sticky vinyl can be used to make up the legend. One can also send the blank panel to Frontpanel Express and they'll engrave it for you - but that can work out expensive if you add all the tick marks around the pots.

The other option is to have a complete new row of MOTM format modules... Dead Banana

Hahah well the reason I was wanting to build them is because I've seen the kits relatively inexpensive and I wanted to put more time in the whole DIY game. I dislike the form factor of euro but I might have to just start to do a MOTM build although I guess that's for a completely different thread. I use those EWI cases and I have learned having a shallow case sucks for such a large module anyway. I already have one Oakley slim VCO I bought from Krisp1. I just like it so much that I want to make some of it!

I might ask Phil and see what he says since I'm supposed to catch him this week wednesday/thursday.

I love your designs just need to figure out a way to build them without having to start a new endeavor and spend those
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