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Coco and OP-1?
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Author Coco and OP-1?
I just saw an interesting video in which someone had plugged the audio out of an OP-1 into the Piezo 1/8" on the Coco 2.
Seemed to work fine ... though I was a bit surprised. Not being very smart about such things, can someone give me a quick lecture re: what sorts of signals can safely be input there? Obviously not just piezo disks.
I put anything in there I want to amplify or overdrive. Guitars, synths, OP-1, even piezos hihi . No worries about "safe" levels on my side. I have never broken an amp by too hot inputs (knocking on wood).
Thanks for the info. I really am fond of the thing and careful, perhaps overly so, of doing something to blow it up.
Sounds like more opportunity for sonic weirdness.
we're not worthy
I want to chime in here, because I recently sent my coco to Peter, due to some extra noisy noise coming from the delays which seem to happen most often when I was using my OP1 into the inputs (the regular inputs, not the piezo)... Essentially, the original Signal would immediately become overwhelmed by a bunch of extraneous static noise, rather then delaying the signal itself… I struggled with deciding whether or not it was a real problem, as it seemed to come and go and also seemed to mostly happen with The op1, but certainly occurred with other devices… Anyways, he has the Coco now, looking forward to getting it back hopefully 'fixed', but I thought that it might have to do with the USB charging noise that comes with the OP1, like maybe the Coco was latching onto it stronger than The signal I wanted processed… Maybe that digital noise is stereo and sent most of the signals from the OP1 I was sending mono it chose to process them over the mono signal? I'm pretty sure I did experiments with that idea tho and came out with the same end result, but it was pretty finicky, hope to get this resolved as they are quite complimentary, when working together!

Sorry for the rant, please chime in if you have any insight, anyone.
whenever I get noise with the coco I turn something up
it sounds like your problem has gone beyond this issue to me but the delays can be awfully noisy when trying to reproduce a soft or quiet sound

I have an op1 and a coco I can see if mine behave similarly
I know the exact noise behaviour you are speaking horaflore of and have heard it myself a bunch of times. On/Off and its gone. Its not happening as often now, though, and I have the OP1 permantly on 1/8" input two. I could never really trace the source of it.
I've heard this noise too, once, is the sound you pals are talking about something like a disturbed AM radio signal? Something like a crazy ground hum? ..I remeber it was very cool, also..

That time I thought it may be related on powering the COCO with the pitch knob totally CW so that an electrc "something" related on powering the circuit may loop in a fast and highly pitched manner.
Stupid thing is that I'm not sure the knobs, that time, were all CW, I'll investigate.
Another one, I have a OP-1 always connected to the piezo in as I used myself to distribute the signal from there.. and I can't remember if that time the OP-1 was connected! d'oh! again, I'll investigate..
Thanks y'all - I definitely had tried on/off to eradicate noise, but to no avail...
I keep the usb plugged in so midi can be connected, so in your testing on my behalf (thanks!!!!!) be sure to do that (there additional op1 noise due to usb on most units I believe, mine being no exception)

Sorry to usurp the thread... Though the title is appropo enough to fit it I suppose..
Last night I tried but I can't recreate the behavior..
Also tried and got some noise, but that was a modded Omnichord puttibg out extra noise garbage. Can't really replicate the behaviour right now.
much like an un boxed WB frog the coco only dances when it wants to i suppose
wednesdayayay wrote:
much like an un boxed WB frog the coco only dances when it wants to i suppose

don't we all though!

Thanks y'all, hopefully Peter straighten this out… Will certainly keep you up on how it goes, Sent in the Coco a couple of weeks ago, in typical fashion I have not heard anything from him since..!
If he does, please post the findings here.
Hainbach wrote:
If he does, please post the findings here.

not sure if anyone else took the BETA plunge with the op1

I bought my op1 shortly before I knew about the newest beta firmware
I initially held off but then heard a couple things that made me switch

arp and fixed tape looping hooray!

having played with the beta for longer than I've played with any other OP1 firmware I have to say it is great

I found the newest sync option (I would assume mainly for the pocket operators)

just go into the metronome page then turn the green dial until you the new option (my op1 just ran out of battery and I don't remember what it is called offhand)

I'm starting to try syncing the op1 and CL stuff together
I know it has been done before using tape tracks and panning one track with the click one way and the other tracks the other way but this seems much easier

first test
PB (running off 9v battery)

the click track comes out of the LEFT output of a stereo cable (splitters are your friend applause )

it intermittently triggered a gong directly and was too low for the ultrasound so I figured the signal needed some boosting

I put it into the deerhorn and turned the switch to middle position (you only hear the audio present at the jack "under" the deerhorn)

using the appropriate white jack on the deerhorn I could then wave my hand to bring in triggers which worked great for the gongs

my op1 died just before I plugged the jack into an AVdog (or anything else like the MWRS) so I'm not sure there yet

I would imagine you could also make use of the cocoquantus' piezo input to amplify this signal and not take up extra modules

a couple things I haven't tried out yet

let us say you have 4 tracks recorded and panned in different ways with this sync feature enabled I wonder if all of the panning is just overwritten into the single channel (this makes the most sense)

easy to test just change the panning of a track while sync is enabled

what happens to the click track when you are using tape tricks
importantly reverse

I have had some time to program on the shnth again

op1=>shnth v2 (audio input) => minirig speaker this setup is so fun and small if I had a nice little matrix mixer before the minirig it would be perfect
(I'm looking into the xiwi electronics one but it is passive I may end up getting an active one )
I've been working on my shnth filter patch for a bit
I should get some time today to try this combo further

also since the op1 signal needs to be boosted to work well with the CL stuff I'm wondering if it may work as a pulse signal with the shnth V2 input...
it could be neat to sync the two together

it would be pretty rad if the record input of the OP1 could be used as a sync input while not sampling (obviously there would have to be some switch/mixing of the inputs for this to work)
the OP1's "NY" sync output works great with the shnth (putting the WIND in a square really helps)
you will need a L&R splitting cable of some sort
otherwise you will hear some of each channel on both channels

RED (ring) audio from OP1
Black (tip) SYNC signal

hopefully something TE will fix before they release the new firmware is that the sync is always running even if tape is off

had a different idea of how to approach the stuber shnth design will be trying that out

I just recently read the stephen king short stort 1408 and my 1408th post was a couple days ago woo
Rockin' Banana!
wait why is my picture hanging crooked
I've got an old school Coco... the Cocolase!

I started using mine again for the first time in years. I thought it wouldn't power up properly. Then I had the pleasure of hanging with Peter and attending his Tocante workshop in my area. He showed me I was using it wrong - i'd forgotten that if you plug something into the right input, you have to plug your output cable into the right input; and same goes with the left side. He initially made same mistake I did hihi, plugging Tocante into the right input, and plugging output cable into the left output.

Anyway, I found I could mitigate noise on the thing by watching the Input gain setting. My new Tocante Karper has a hot as hell output so I have to turn the Input down a lot more for it than I did plugging a piezo picking.
Uh my COCO tonight wont let me play.
The strange behavior showed again playing with a cymbal and a piezo in the top xlr input, after a couple of minutes of playing some high pitched noise appears, something like a crazy AM radio source, cleaning the buffer doesn't help, the noise is there.
Trying now with my OP-1 and no way, same thing.

horaflora did you get yours back from Peter? What did he say?

Ay caramba! Dead Banana
This is strange: I played since the last post I made flawlessly with the OP-1 feeding the Coco then I said to me "let me clean the buffers and let's try again with the cymbal" with the volume at zero I heard the fridge pump turning on in the kitchen, well I'm in the kitchen.. turned up the volume and the noise was there.
I'm waiting for the pump starting again now with the Coco recording nothing, let's see..


I turned off and on the fridge, he is the culprit!

Have I to sell the fridge for the sake of looping gongs?

So the Coco is very susceptible to power fluctuations I'd say, hope it will not happens in my next live shows..
Have to say things are not good here, changed wall outlet, the one where basically the whole studio is plugged and the one I always used with my Coco and OP-1, the bad behavior is back..

Sounds like I have a problem..

Any hint? Have I to contact Peter?

Sorry to hear of your troubles! Peter chalked my problem up as a 'ghost' problem, essentially one in the mind of the user... ! He did point out that it's a somewhat finicky (not exactly his words) and 12 bit device, so noisy as well,and that is the nature of it, so one may expect some odd behavior, beyond the confines of the odd behavior it's supposed to have..!

my problem was mainly the usb noise that is always in op1 when it's usb connected, so I just dont have it connected now, though mean to try a usb isolating loop thing at some point.

Good luck!!!!!
Coco is 8bit so basically gameboy resolution, it can also be finicky to get the gain staging just right, I have my coco turned down on the mixer to force me to pump up the coco inputs.
Have you tried different 12v wall warts? I have plenty of them picked up in the recycle bin and some may not be suited for cl gear even if specs are good. Worth trying.
Thanks everybody for the help.
Anyway it doesn't seem a ghost problem or a gain staging thing, I'm pretty used to the Coco and used it extensively, this alien frequency delirium kicks in loud when doing something like pressing record to loop, disconnecting the USB cable of the OP-1, when the fridge pump kicks in, plugging a banana into the SP.AF..

sungja wrote:
Have you tried different 12v wall warts? I have plenty of them picked up in the recycle bin and some may not be suited for cl gear even if specs are good. Worth trying.

Good suggestion, thanks sungja, I suspect the troubles come from something power related, have to try this. Maybe my wall wart is giving up? It's a very cheap one..

Thanks again everybody for your help!
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