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Blacet Improb Drive S/H -> Blacet MicroLFO CV in: no go?
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Author Blacet Improb Drive S/H -> Blacet MicroLFO CV in: no go?
I've been trying out some random timing and got a nice thing going on my 100m using this setup: 100m S/H out into the rate CV of a 100M LFO, take the square wave LFO out and use that as a gate. Works well.

I wanted to do this on my Blacet but can't replicate the effect doing: Improb Drive S/H out into the MicroLFO rate CV in. Perhaps I've got the pots wrong, but I'm wondering whether the voltages on the Blacet S/H and LFO rate in are compatible, i.e. whether this will work at all.

Does anyone know, can anyone help? Thanks!
Welcome to the forum Rubicon. Guinness ftw!

It sounds to me like your knob settings are what's amiss.

Make sure the CV attenuation/wave mod. knob on the Micro LFO is NOT all the way counter clockwise.

Set the noise mix on the Improb. Drive to full clockwise (white),
OR make sure the window comparator, from which the digital noise is derived, is set to a reasonable pulse level and width (both knobs @ mid travel).
If the filter section is switched to low-pass and turned full counter-clockwise it will kill your signal.
Try a higher cutoff and/or use the bandpass mode.
Fiddle with your S&H rate until your pleasantly tuned in.

The Improbability Drive takes some tweaking to get used to, but it is very capable.
I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't modulate your LFO rate if properly tweaked.
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