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Blacet 20% Instant Rebate
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Author Blacet 20% Instant Rebate


June 19, 2016 email --

Blacet Research: Super Summer Kit Sale!

John B. sez "Over 70 kits in stock; blow them out!"

Order now and get a 20% "Instant Rebate" * on any kit! Every kit is in stock but quantities may be limited.
Also includes our Bare Rak Combo!

Sorry, does not apply to assembled modules.

* Instant rebate will be refunded to your Pay Pal or credit card when we ship your order.

Subject to stock on hand. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Also, we have two rak boxes with slight rear panel bends. Does not interfere with function or appearance of front. Regular $299; $249 each.


News page says sale good thru 7-20.

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