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Dual Looping Delay for heavy electronics/death industrial
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Author Dual Looping Delay for heavy electronics/death industrial
A little exercise to start understanding the 4ms Dual Looping Delay and its use in a power electronics / death industrial setting. Sound sources are the Make Noise DPO and a metal object with contact mics. The DPO line has reverse and hold triggered via sampled-and-held Doepfer random. The metal parts are just looped with different loop lengths. Clearly work in progress, rough material.

It's really good! May I ask how you integrate the contact mic in your modular? Do you use a module like the A-119?

Yeah, I have an A-119 and an A-138d (which is meant as an insert for pedals, but also works well enough, clearly, as an input for external signals).

I usually place two (and at times three) contact mics on the metal pieces (and the third contact mic is sent over to soundcard and Cubase, so I have a "clean" track with the metal sounds to process later if needed).

Multiple mics give metals a deeper, rustier flavor (the object I use is in the attachment).
The cold percussion cutting through the synths sound great indeed.
Another piece using the DLD to polyrhythmically loop some junk metals. [s][/s]
Another exercise with DLD in a heavy electronics setting. One layer is a feedback loop (pedal noise) looped and then processed through the Korgasmatron. The metals are from a field recording in a basement of an old house in the Alps, then passed through the DLD and chopped further in Cubase. [s][/s]
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