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Newbie says hello - prognosticates
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Author Newbie says hello - prognosticates

Been lurking on here for a few weeks and appreciate the punishment of listening to you guys talk about gear I can't afford. But will. twisted

For a first post, I wanna talk about keyboards as they have been woven into the fabric of Rock. applause

Let's move right through the non-synthesizer keyboards real quick.

The B3 - Pinnacle was Deep Purple's Machinehead. headbang
The Piano - Shoot me now, but nobody has done a finer job with the piano on rocky songs than Bruce Hornsby. Good tunes, good singing, good band, and the piano is up front in an original and creative way. Anybody who has ever recorded a grand understands how high the bar was set after Hornsby. we're not worthy
Rhodes - No Quarter. Stop. The MSN Smack!
Wurlitzer - Best Friend. I mean it. Simple part, but the versatility of the range of attack is explored end to end in the left hand octave work. Hug
Mellotron - The Rain Song. Stop. The MSN Smack!

Ok, Synthesizer parts as they have integrated into the psyche of rock:


Lead Synth:

Luckyman - Emerson's embarrassment, but the first I heard of the big saw, the filter swept drone, and the triggered Filter EG. Swoops and twirls, baby, ALL the shit that makes a young man leave his mamma. Forget that the entire outtro is 60% Carl Palmer and 40% Keith Emerson. I put it on here in its overplayed glory because the song was a piece of fine work begining to end. love


Baba - Throughout the piece, the sequence dances, flirts, and makes everything else sound bigger. Sure as hell, I believed I didn't need to be forgiven either. Sun

Time - In the context of Dark Side, this was an incredible piece. I like hearing the stories of all the boneheads choreographing the mix live. Hell, MIDI in those days was a dress that was too long. w00t!!


Won't Get Fooled Again - What's to say? Townsend knew how to cobble stuff together, work with it, and come out the other end with a perfect track. eyes...

Just right works

These are synth leads that brought to the song without pretending to be anything else and made the synthesizer a viable lead instrument on its own. Not necessarily earth shattering, but tasty.

Never been any reason - Big saw is integral to the sound. The perfect rock song. thumbs up

Lido - maybe a bit diddified, but fits perfectly. whistlin'

Frankenstein - Can't help it. Edgar played this live with a 2600 on stage. Got a give the devil his due. Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat.

All in all, I'm glad I found this site, and am looking forward to sticking around with people who like weird noises like I do.

See Ya'll around.

Epic post we're not worthy Welcome!
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