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nw2s::io as a patch bay?
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Author nw2s::io as a patch bay?
I'd appreciate your thoughts on this...

I have an RME UFX that can route any input to any output and vise versa but because of ergonomic reasons (that and prefering not to go through ADC and DAC converters each time) would rather not rely on it.

I had a Neutrik 1/4" patch panel in the past but it was adding to the clutter instead of reducing it. That, the cost of patch cables and the feel of the jacks made me give it up.

Besides the modular I have a Machindrum (it's almost always routed through a Culture Vulture), a Monomachine and considering an outboard channel strip (single channel with some EQ and compression).

Since the modular sits on the desk right in front of me, I thought I could patch my gear's relevant inputs and outputs to a snake cable and use the ::io to interface it to the modular, soundcard, Culture Vulture and what not. This gives me the freedom to use the modules I already have to mix the signals, process them etc.

As an interface to the modular this is a no-brainer, but using this setup with two line level boxes at both ends involves stepping the voltages up and down.

Will this work well and sound good in your opinion? Anyone using the ::io as the central hub to his studio?
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