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Bloody Raw PB's - pictures and sound, oh-my!
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Author Bloody Raw PB's - pictures and sound, oh-my!
I've lusted after some PB's for a while now. Things got worse when my initial plan of 'eh, I'll just get one' got thrown a curve with all the talk of 'one is never enough - get two or more!' hit Muffs. With some sweet Greenbacks in my bank account, I asked if 'Flight would be willing to knock something special up for me.

And boy, did he ever. 'flight, you're one of the best. Even in the midst of your 'moving Hell' you went way above and beyond my expectations.

Also, I popped up a clip on my Soundcloud page. I kept hearing about 'having one PB play another' and boy - the noise! SlayerBadger!
BLOODy hell! Great stuff and design. I am envious.... me want.
Very nice and FILTHY.
Dammit, now I'm leery about only buying one. MY ASS IS BLEEDING I only have 6hp to fill but I could forgo an 8hp module I'd planned to get and stick 2 behind a 14-wide panel... I'd better decide soon as I'm sending money next week.

Nice looking custom job! You can't beat that kinda service. This industry is great like that.
that's awesome! totally oughta make that dual version regularly available!
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