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low-K Capacitors for VCO
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Author low-K Capacitors for VCO
I'm preparing to order the parts for my VCO build. Page 14 of the Issue 6 Builders Guide lists 4 capacitors which re supposed to be "low-K".

As I'm not an electrical whiz-kid I looked up the definition of low-K on Wikipedia.

It seems to be material based, however, I can't find details about the material type or low-K / high-K data on Mouser or DigiKey, my primary vendors.

I have ceramic capacitors in all the values required but I don't know if they are suitable. The part #s I have are as follows;

18pf - 810-FK18C0G1H180J
100pf - BC1013CT-ND
220pf - 478-5735-ND
470pf - BC2681CT-ND

Can anyone please tell me if these components are suitable as low-K capacitors? If not can you please recommend parts which will work?

For low-k you want to be looking for C0G / NP0 dilectric, and is detailed on the specs for the parts you link to, so all but your last part fit the bill. Finding a C0G 470pf from your supplier should be no problem.
Thanks tons for the clarification!
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